Twitter SEO Tips – Twitter Era

If we call that last one decade has been Twitter era then it is not wrong, many companies and even Google has start considering twitter as a big thing. However, twitter is currently a big thing to focus on. Many people have benefited from twitter, now they don’t have to rely on search engines for traffic and getting famous.

They don’t need to wait for long procedure of SEO guidelines  and hiring services of SEO company.  Google has offered real time search and they will be indexing tweets as well. Google is focusing on real time search results; they are focusing on latest news and updates. For SEO service providers it is a tough task how to tackle all these changes. I would say it is not so difficult if you know how to handle a twitter account. There are so many people who are tired of twitter because that just didn’t work for them or maybe they don’t know how to use it properly. I have gathered few SEO tips for twitter that will surely help out SEO services providers.

1. Selecting a Account Name

There are many people when they come to know about twitter they make an account and choose a name without thinking and start tweeting sharing links. In the end they say it didn’t work out well. When you are making twitter account choose your name wisely, it should reflect what brand you are dealing. It can be your website or brand name to promote or your own name, you can use Google adwords for checking the monthly volume of famous keyword you are going to use.

2. Choose an Impressive Bio

There is an option to add a bio to twitter account; it is short information about you or your brand name or company. Write comprehensively with 160 characters limit and add details in your bio because it is get indexed in Google

3. Put Your URL

Always put your URL in the profile option, Google index that URL. When you are promoting your company or brand put the same brand, company or your own blog.

4. Use Keyword rich Tweets

When it comes to tweeting remember that always share good information and enter the targeted keywords in tweets. Your first few letters in tweets matter a lot because they going to be indexed in Google, So use them wisely.

5. Who You Follow Matters

Now there is a common perception that the number of followers you have the more exposure you going to get. It does not matter how many people are following you, but it does matter who you follow. There are lots of people who going to follow you when you follow them and they are using auto tweeting spamming software’s. Always follow those people who are of common interest, like I am following Matt Cutts, Gray Wolf etc. I have to look for SEO news and latest updates. Look for quality followers rather than spammy and salesy looking followers.

6. Use Twitter Functions Properly

When you start tweeting make yourself comfortable with twitter, get to know about all the commands. The proper use of # and RT for re-tweeting, you can add keywords by using the # sign. Get to know about the latest news and updates, so when you tweet about them everyone look at it.

These are the few twitter seo tips, I will add up more later on, Happy Tweeting.

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