Targeting The Long Tail Keywords – Important Tips

The idea of getting the keywords rank higher in search engines came into everyone minds. Number of people demand that they want their website to be on no one page of Google. However, they ask for very competitive keywords which are very high to rank and sometimes it takes a lot of time and aggressive SEO to do so. Some of the people who do not know about SEO usually want their website keywords very short and easy one to rank. The most of the new websites are difficult to rank with short keywords as compare to long tail keywords.

What is the short keyword?

If you want to rank the keyword “SEO” to be top in the search engines; it might be very difficult. There are so many websites which are already on top and they have done good optimization for that particular keyword. If you are looking for some SEO guide or services, you might type “SEO Services” this is also a short keyword. If you look for “Cheap SEO Services” or “Affordable SEO Services” that is the long keyword with less competition and focusing on niche market of SEO. There is a lot of difference in the short and long tail keywords; usually single word keyword is hard to rank in search engines because if you type a single word in search engines it show’s definitions and information about that particular phrase or keyword. This is the reason why the keyword research is the most important part of the SEO strategy

Long tail keywords have less competition as people don’t consider it well enough to rank, but it is lot easier to target and always bring in good traffic. If we take an example of the keyword “Advertising services” it might be very specific looking, but if we compare it with “professional advertising services USA” it is giving more information and more specific. There might be big competition with this long tail keyword, but it is lot easier to target rather than short tailed keywords. Most of the people target short keywords and ignore the potential of long tail keywords. If you define a particular niche with long tail keyword it is much easier to target and it will bring more traffic as your website will show up on first page of search engines. If you use keyword suggestion tool to get your keywords try using the long tail keywords. And if you are checking the monthly search for the long tailed keyword it might be very low, but you can get high ranking with that particular keyword.

I have a question, how many times do you type short generic keywords in search engines while searching? I never use one word or two words keywords in search engines. The other day I was looking for wordpress themes, I can just type in “wordpress themes” in Google to see the results, but I was more specific like “premium adsense wordpress themes” there is a lot of difference in both of the keywords. If you consider global searches, there are more number of searches with long tailed keywords as compare to short keywords. If you target a more specific niche and using all the keyword tools for generating keyword ideas, it will surely help you more. The best keyword suggestion tool is Google AdWords tool that is free and you can also use Google trends to check in which region there are more searches with that keyword. So which keyword are you going to target for your website?

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