How to Move out of a Whatsapp Group with Grace?

These days, it is very cool to have a Whatsapp group. You can have a group of family members, friends, colleagues etc. In this Covid-19 situation, every human being wants to contribute to the society in one way or another. For example, donation, serving food, taking the patients to hospitals. In these times, you can wake up one morning to find a friend or close relative has joined your name in a group without information. It is as if your opinion never mattered. What should be your best reaction in a similar situation? In this article of How to move out of a Whatsapp Group with Grace, you will find the best tips.


Why should you properly leave a Whatsapp Group with Grace?

How will you feel, when you are having food with 100 persons in the table, someone suddenly gets up and leaves the chair without informing anyone? Don’t you feel a show of disrespect? That is precisely the same feeling anyone can get, if you leave a group without giving a hint. If you are leaving a group of friends, then it is mandatory to give an apt reason for leaving the group.


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What are the Challenges you can face in a Whatsapp Group?

You can never predict the nature and moods of a human being. So, you will have to be very careful while putting a message in a group which has family members (even women). There will be occasions, when you will see a post in the group which has every one twitching their eyebrows in anger or embarrassment. Or a person whom you will not see eye to eye will be in the group. You will get angry every time you find his/her post at the beginning of the day conveying a Good Morning message.



What are the Benefits of staying in a Whatsapp Group?

There are very few chances you know every person, unless it is a family group. In this era, where making friendships and networking is the order of the day, you can get to know new persons via the Whatsapp group. Also, instead of getting introduced as a stranger, it is easy to strike a relationship. The reason, the admin or any person who knows you closely will be in the group.

However, since the topic is how to move out of a Whatsapp group with grace, we shall look at a simple process given below. This is to avoid misunderstanding & embarrassment before making an exit. Yes, following the steps will help maintain friendships/relationships:

If a senior member of the family has included your name in his/her group, you can put a message reading thus:

“Dear ………………,

I am fortunate that you have included/added me as a member of this group. But since I am a student (or working professional), I barely get time to see those messages. Also, I am part of so many groups, and I will not get time to respond to the messages. So, I kindly request you to give me permission to exit your group with grace. All the best to the members in this group.”


Caution: Please note, you can do the above mentioned task only after making a call to the person and speaking in private. Kindly do not put a message and make an exit. It will portray disrespect.


How to get out of Whatsapp group


How to get out of Whatsapp Group if you are the founder and want to exit?

We can see you (reader) raising your eyebrows. But it is not that the members in the group are fighting, and you want to make an exit. There are chances, you may have got an appraisal or going to a training session where it becomes impossible to stay as an admin. Worse, you will not be able to put a response to the posts which your members put in the group. If you feel, you cannot be able to do the duties of an admin, then it is best to hand the throne to another person and exit the group. Or make another person admin and be a silent spectator in the group. You can also send a message explaining the reason for your leaving the group. After the training period, you can ask the admin to again include in the group.

How to move out of a Whatsapp group on account of a nasty situation such as fights?

Please find various ways to address the problem. Take care not to leave the group without giving a hint. The reason, if you leave the group, various stories may gain ground. You will be left with no chance for clarification. Remain in the group, address the problem and get it clarified. Then move out of the group gracefully with a heart-felt message.

Your Farewell Message

During the exit, put your comments in a straight way instead of indirectly pointing out at others in the group. Please do not leave the group members surprised by your choice of words. The reason, you have to live in Planet Earth. There are umpteen chances you will meet them again in your lifetime.

Even if you have left the group, do not forget about nurturing the relationships with the members. This habit will keep you in good stead if you have exited a family group.


Hope this article on how to move out of a Whatsapp group with grace would have given a few valuable points. The terms “without giving a hint” should not come to the fore when you are leaving the group. Kindly follow the suggestions given in this article. You can maintain a happy and straight face even if you meet someone in the group in the future.

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