How To Keep Your Fridge In Excellent Working Condition

If there are some electronic appliances that have become necessities in your daily life, you can definitely get reminded of the refrigerator, washing machine, microwave oven and more. Out of the mentioned appliances, fridge occupies prime importance. The reason, when you keep the food items in this appliance it does not get spoilt for a long time. However, to ensure the same, you need to follow the below mentioned tips to keep your fridge in excellent working condition.


How To Keep Your refrigerator In Excellent Working Condition

Fridge Maintenance Checklist

  • There are many who buy surplus food items in retail outlets such as Metro. Monthly shopping, shall we say? For Rs 2500 to Rs 5000, they will buy a month’s provision in these outlets. Then, they will keep the same items in fridge without worrying about the health, bacteria and other aspects. It is better to remember that each and every food items should have sufficient space around its boxes for cold air. Stuffing may only cause the food items to become cramped, and if they become moist, they may go to the rotten mode.
  • There are some who have the habit of stuffing each and every food items in the fridge. This practice should be avoided. Every manual has a USER MANUAL on the items that are to be stored in the fridge and those that cannot be stored in the fridge. Following the steps given in the manual is the best way on how to keep your fridge in excellent working condition.
  • When you store food items in the fridge, you need to separate the items into cooked items and non-cooked items via different shelves. If you do not clean the fridge shelves properly, there are multiple chances that bacteria, parasites can start to appear. Even if a food item has sufficient shelf life, if it is not used before the mentioned period, it can start rotting, courtesy, bacteria.
  • Please note, bacteria and parasites can exist in all conditions. They can exist in sand, mud and even in our food items. When you store your food items in certain temperatures which are favourable to them, they grow in number and can cause health issues. However, when you store the food items in your fridge, does the growth of bacteria get a stop because of the cool temperature. Usually, bacteria grow at a temperature between 40 degree Fahrenheit and 140 degree Fahrenheit. A fridge can only preserve the food items kept in it if the temperature is kept below 40 degree Fahrenheit. If you have stuffed the food items in such a way or there exists some items which give out heat that changes the temperatures in the fridge, then the entire fridge becomes a space unsafe for preserving food items.


How To Keep Your Fridge In Excellent Working Conditions

Refrigerator Care When Not in Use

  • If you are subjected to frequent electricity cuts in your area, then the fridge will not be able to preserve the food items. So, keep an eye on long electricity cuts. The User Manual should be read time and again to keep your fridge in excellent working condition.
  • The food items that are to be kept in the fridge include milk, meat, eggs, fruits and vegetables. They can get spoilt very soon in the normal temperature. You should be able to put them in shelves where they can get preserved.
  • To remove unpleasant odours arising from food items, it is wise to keep food soda on shelves.
  • When you store the preservative based food items in the fridge shelves, ensure that you keep them properly shut in the boxes. If they come packed in the covers, ensure you use them before the last date. Foods that you need to use properly are butter, panneer, cream, cheese etc.
  • When you store onion in the fridge, it becomes soft and loses its hard nature. And it can start rotting soon. Instead of storing onions in the fridge, you need to store the onions in a cool dark place. Ensure you do not stuff the onions one over the other in a cramped place. Else, it will gather moisture and the entire heap will be a rotten lot.
  • When you store the cut onions and garlic in fridge, then they lose their taste, and bacteria starts setting in, if not used for a long time. Do you want to know the best way to keep your fridge in excellent working condition? Then avoid this practice.
  • If you have spilled some food items, then you need to properly wash and clean the parts. You need to use soap water or soda water on the places and wipe the place clean. You need to check the entire stuff in the fridge in a week and then remove the items that have come near the expiry date.


How To Keep Your Fridge In Excellent Working Condition

  • You need to clean the exterior part (the door) with a soft cloth and soda water. Ensure you wipe the last traces of water to prevent formation of bacteria.
  • When you store the greens in fridge, they will get moist and lose their freshness. So it is better to wrap them in newspapers or air tight plastic covers and then keep in fridge. By this method, you can store the greens for five days.
  • If you are storing eggs in fridge, ensure to store them in the spaces meant for them. Please ensure when you buy eggs, they are clean. If dirt or some kind of dust has stuck to them, the bacteria can start forming in the spaces.

How To Maintain & Keep Your Fridge In Excellent Working Condition


  • The food items where bacteria can start to grow at a faster rate are the meat items such as chicken, fish, beef and mutton. So, you need to preserve them in a space that is away from the other food items. Ensure you keep them in the freezer as per the instructions given in the pack. Do not forget to use before the due date. This method is another sure way to keep your fridge in excellent working condition.
  • When store fruits and vegetables, please do not forget the fact that they release gases to the atmosphere. So, they have got the tendency to spoil other items.
  • If you want to store your favourite ice creams ensure to store them in the freezer. Please do not store your ice cream boxes or other types in the fridge door. Chances are, when the door gets opened, and there will be a change in the temperature. So, they have more chances of getting melted with ease. You should store the ice creams in properly shut boxes or containers.
  • Please do not store opened cans of any food items such as health drinks in the fridge. Chances are, the preservatives in the drinks may get chemical changes and in turn, the drinks may start losing their flavour. Ensure you store the opened cans in air right containers and boxes.
  • Please do not store milk based foods on the door shelves. This space is the hottest space in the fridge. So, it is apt only to store saude, sherbet, cool drinks or any item that does not get destroyed because of a change in temperature.


Instead of storing every food item in the fridge, you can store:

  • Grains
  • Wheat powder
  • Pulses
  • Cooking powers of various types
  • Masala items
  • Pickles
  • Oil
  • Nuts
  • Fruits

in air tight containers and keep them in a cook place. These conditions will be sufficient to preserve them for a long time.


How To Help Keep Your Fridge In Excellent Working Condition

You can follow these tips for any fridge brand in India. These tips when followed are also the answers on how to increase efficiency of refrigerator. Usually, the famous fridge brands available in India consist of:

  • LG refrigerator
  • Whirlpool refrigerator
  • Samsung refrigerator
  • Haier refrigerator
  • Bosch refrigerator
  • Godrej refrigerator
  • Electrolux refrigerator
  • Videocon refrigerator
  • Panasonic refrigerator
  • Siemens refrigerator
  • Kelvinator refrigerator


Top Refrigerator Brands in the Globe:

  • KitchenAid – US
  • GE
  • Hitachi – Japan
  • Maytag – US
  • Frigidaire – US
  • Beko – Turkey
  • Hotpoint – UK
  • Miele – Germany
  • Thermador – US
  • Walton


Have you read this article on how to keep your fridge in excellent working condition? You can also term these tips as part of refrigerator maintenance checklist. If you have followed every tip in the list, and then you suspect some wrong condition, then it is wise to call a certified fridge repair technician. Are you staying in India or any part of the globe? These days, you can get a certified technician at your doorstep, courtesy the doorstep fridge repair offering companies. Book their services, let the technician come to your home or office and ensure that the fridge gets working to normal condition.

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