Skills That Can Help You Earn From Home

In 2019, the entire globe got affected with Covid. Many changes happened. It happened in the economy, lifestyle, purchasing habits, but the one factor which made the most impact was the working of employees in businesses. With profits becoming leaner by the day, businesses had no option but to offer pink slips and downsize their working force. But, to satisfy the requirements of clients and customers, the businesses relied on another workforce that had already gained recognition but were not much focused upon. We are referring to freelancers and in the Covid period and even now, the services of free lancers are sought upon not only by SME but also by multinational corporations. By reading this article at one ago, you can gain information on skills that can help you earn from home.

In these times of lockdowns and curfews, tough competition exists among industries. To sustain in the industry, they need to save their profits, control their expenses and more. Many companies requested their employees to work from their home which was accepted with great relief. This option led to many businesses saving on rent and other expenses. The next option – businesses began to depend on freelancer services.

In the world of free lancing, you can develop the skills as per your passion in any subject. Being a housewife, not only can you complete the homely duties, but in your spare time you can do the free lancing jobs and earn some pocket money. The most popular free lancing jobs are –

  1. Voice over artist
  2. Content Writing
  3. Graphic Designing
  4. Music direction
  5. Acting
  6. Reporting
  7. Photography
  8. Assistant jobs
  9. Catering
  10. Translation
  11. Video editing


Though there are many free lancing jobs, we have focused only on some. We request to be excused for not including all of them, but as you read, you will get to know some more jobs, that can help you earn sufficient money from the comfort of your home.


Skills That Can Help You Earn From Homes

1. Web Development

The time is of the digital era, and every business, big or small need to have a website. In recent times, you know them as Full stack web developer. It is divided into two types – Front end and back-end. For small scale businesses, which have their websites online, they will not employ a developer to look after their website. However, they will be interested to hire a freelancer who can take care of the website.

If you are a professional who is skilled in PHP, Java, Python or other types of coding language, then you can advertise on free lancing websites. Also, you need to have a portfolio of the websites you have designed along with the themes and other aspects.

If your profile can attract clients, then there will be a long list of clients who will be waiting to work with you.

Please note, the world of website design is ever changing, so you need to be familiar with the latest trends. However, if the websites you have designed are attractive and have got good testimonials, then there is very little time needed for you to become a famous web developer who earns thousands by the hour. Please note, web development is one of the hardest skills to learn to make money from home.

You can find free web development courses in these websites:

If you want to be a professional website designer, then you can enrol at these institutes:

  • SimpliLearn
  • Intellipaat
  • WebDevelopmentinstitute


Skill That Can assist You Earn From Home

2. Website Content Writing

When we mention about website, will the visitor be satisfied only with the design? No, right? There has to be content which should attract the visitor (reader). If the content on the website does not give the visitor the information he/she wants then they will move to another website. You need to have a good grasp of the local or English language, understand the needs of the target audience, have to write as per the SEO guidelines and ensure that the content remains interconnected with other web pages. This is one of the easy skills to learn to make money from home.

For example, if you are writing for an E-Commerce website, then the product description should attract the visitor to purchase the product. You need to write call-to-action sentences or phrases. But if you are writing for a website that offers services of various types, then you need to change the style as per the need. This is one of the top skills that can help you earn from home.

You can get free content writing courses at:

  • Hubspot



Skill That Can Help You Earn From Home

3. Graphic Designing

If you have a penchant for colours and specialise in drawing mind-boggling designs, you can opt for freelance graphic designing jobs. This is one of the most profitable skills to learn at home and make money. There are many advertisement agencies, websites, newspapers, journals and monthly magazines which are always searching for freelance graphic designers. If you know the ways to handle the best graphic design software in the market, then you can earn thousands of dollars by the hour. Another of the top skills that can help you earn from home.

You can get information on graphic designing by checking these links:

  • Canva
  • CreativePro
  • Alison


Money Skills That Can Help You Earn From Home


4. Blogging

While a blog is meant to give information to the visitor, content writing is merely meant for sales. However, you will be surprised to know that there are many bloggers who earn lakhs of dollars sitting in the comfort of their home. But you need to understand, that the first two years will be really tough for a blogger as he/she has to ensure their blog gets noticed and attain high rankings among the millions of blogs that get introduced every day. Blogging comes across one of the top skills that can help you earn from home.

You can select a topic you are proficient on or have passion, and then start a blog. For example, you can find many blogs that are focused only on a certain subject, such as travel, health, fashion, technology, entertainment, pets, child care and fitness. The mentioned subjects remain a hot topic for blogging.

You can get free courses at

  • Fullcircledigital


Skill courses That Can Help You Earn From Home


5. Social Media Marketing

There are many social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and more. Through these media channels, many businesses want to reach their target audience, inform them about their products and make sales. In short, the businesses want to improve their brand value among the target audience.

By posting relevant content and good images on the social media channels, a social media marketer can increase the traffic on the website. The next step will be to have a strategy which can make the visitor become a buyer. If you have a passion for selling products then you can become a popular name. Also, branded companies will be willing to pay the fees you ask for. We sincerely hope you find SMM as one of the top skills that can help you earn from home.

You can find free SMM courses at

  • EDX

Skills That Can Help You Earn Money From Home

6. Voice-Over Artists

If you have a good baritone voice, then you can become a freelance voice over artist. You can get jobs in background music song, advertisements, corporate videos and more. In recent times, there is a huge demand of voice-over artists for podcast marketing.  Are you surprised, that this is one among the many skills that can help you earn from home? If you want to learn more about podcast marketing, you can attend these courses for free:

  • Skillshare


7. Translation

Translation is an art. You need to have excellent knowledge about a language to convert to another language. There are many opportunities in translation. Also, if you have become proficient in a foreign language such as Spanish, French or German, then you will get lots of opportunities. This is definitely one among the many skills that can help you earn from home. You can get to know information about free translation courses at



Skills which Can Help You Earn From Home

8. SEO or Search Engine Optimisation

As you know, there exist three popular engines such as Google, Bing and yahoo. By doing SEO, you can make the content rank on the first pages of search engines. From a small business to large conglomerates, everyone wants to remain on the first page of Google. So, freelance SEO jobs are plenty online and this is one of the many skills that can help you earn from home. You can learn seo courses with this website

  • StupidSimpleSEO


Skill That Can Helps You Earn From Home

9. Journal Writing

There are many freelance writers who earn millions of dollars by just writing one article in a popular magazine. But the fact is, they have millions of readers who wait for their favourite writer’s article to get published. Though you may take time to reach the zenith, you can start on a small scale now and work your way higher. But it is mandatory to achieve excellence in one field to gain loyal fans. You can get to know information about journal writing on this website:

  • Writingthroughlife

There are other skills that you can use such as photography, video editing and catering (food) to earn a sizable income in your spare time.



In these pandemic days, even a housewife has to work along her husband to maintain the household expenses. Then they have children to be taken care of, and even the family seniors. Though many men have become a metrosexual male where they help their house womenfolk do most of the chores such as washing clothes or sweeping the floors or dropping their children at school, the fact is at the beginning of the month, expenses begin to mount higher and higher. If you are a housewife, who is interested in gaining pocket money in her spare time, you can definitely select one of the mentioned courses. Try at least one skill and please try to attain proficiency. You will notice, with time, you can earn more than the pocket money.

If you want to take a break from college after studying arts and opt to work instead, you can try any one of these courses mentioned above to earn some pocket money.

If you want to know about jobs in movies industry, then check out the article on voice-over jobs.

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