Beginners Guide to Hosting for Website in 2019 – Web hosting Tips and FAQs

The choice of a good web hosting company is very important to keep your website open and set-up and maintenance costs. Many companies to choose from and many different pricing plans to hosting for website. Depending on the number of sites required for the creation, you may need to consider more space from the beginning. Here are some tips for web hosting that you take into account the main, if you’re a beginner.

Web hosting Useful Tips For Beginners

If you are planning to launch a niche site, you should probably start with the smallest available space to test the waters. It may be possible for your niche site does not work as expected, and therefore you and you will save money. You can easily add at a later date and therefore you must be sure the provider you choose this option offers.

You’ll certainly want to choose a supplier from a very reliable service. If your site id down or if it takes forever to get in, visitors will simply move to the next. A website that does not work is a bad experience and people will be very unlikely to visit again. Thus, many boards of accommodation focused on reliability of service. It’s a good reason to stick to one of the reputable companies on the market or get referrals from your friends before making your choice.

Of course, all tips webhosting to say that there are many small hosting providers offer a room for only $ 1 – $ 1.5 per month, but this is a pretty dangerous thing to do, because you have to pay at least a year in advance and you never know what can be achieved. This is why you should probably want to go What you see is what you get and the manufacturer will pay about $ 10 and $ 15 per month.

It ‘important to know whether the web hosting company offers support 24 hours a day, and should not matter what country you are and the country where they are. Many people believe that if their web host in the same country as them, they lose their identity, their domain names, but it is totally wrong. webhosting great is that you can shop around the world, to find a company that is satisfactory for your needs.

Other tips for hosting the attention you must pay when it comes to advanced features of the site. You can start with a basic site, but maybe you have things like PHP, Scripts, PERL MySQL or later. These are valuable tools that your business grew. You do not have to buy a package that contains these options from the start, but make sure you can get the relevant updates when you need it.

5 Easy Tips to Help You Choose the Best Web Hosting Service Today

Many of the best web hosting services today offer a variety of different functions that can often turn your head if you're unsure of what to look for. Trying to understand the characteristics that are important and need not be very overwhelming. Here's a quick guide you can use to find web hosting service is best for you:

1. Customer service and reliability: Have a reliable web hosting service that you know is able to provide the kind of service you expect it should be apparent. Most hosting companies today offer an uptime guarantee of 99.9%, which means your site will almost never down. Any company that offers less than this should not be considered.

Customer care is very important when choosing the hosting service. It is essential that your host provides operators a quick and useful. Many companies often neglect their support staff although this should be one of the most important factors when choosing a web hosting service is best for your site.

2. Simplicity: Choosing the best web hosting service can be a challenge, but with a series of difficult to navigate may be even worse. A good host must have a user-friendly Web site to make your web hosting experience as simple as possible.

3. Bandwidth: Depending on your business or website, you must decide how much bandwidth you actually use. You do not want to come across the problem with users not able to come to your site because of too little bandwidth. On the other hand, you should not have to pay your web hosting company a surplus of money for bandwidth you do not want. Fortunately, almost all major hosting companies today will give you unlimited bandwidth.

4. Domain Name Fee: Your domain name is basically what you want your site to be called, and what type of visitors accessing your site. Many hosting companies costs to buy a domain name, but if you look hard enough, there are several hosts that offer this for free. Allows the user to receive a free domain name, or even different names, can be a deal breaker draw when choosing the best web hosting service for you. Remember, all the money can be saved, it is always a good thing!

5. Warranty: One easy way to tell how a company is confident in their service is to take a look at what kind of guarantees they offer. If a company offers a guarantee anytime money, you can bet they feel very good about their service. Other companies that offer 45 or even 30 day money back guarantee, is often a lot of complaints and should be investigated thoroughly or completely avoided.

Web design Webhost Webmaster


It is an address that points to a place on the internet called a ‘website’. Every website has it’s own, completely unique address. In order to have your own presence on the internet that is uniquely your own you must have a domain name. The most common format is but there are many other common names that end in .org, .net, .ca and more.

If you want to have a Web Design that is yours alone and not hosting on someone else’s property like the free website builder then you need one. You can’t have your website online without one. Once you have a domain you can then connect it to a hosting account and publish your website to the internet.

Ok so now that you know what a domain name is, why you need one and how to choose one let’s get into where you can register one.

You can’t buy one just anywhere. You must buy one from a domain name registrar that is appointed by the International Corporation For Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). There are many registrar companies out there. Some are credible while others use less than ethical means by which to sign up new customers. I would recommend you do your homework and even ask around for referrals to find out a good place to register your domain.

There are lot of hosting sites which can register names for you. This allows you to save time and effort finding two companies to trust with your business. Some companies who host your domain will offer you a free domain registration when you sign up with them.

Do you want to build a website? Building a website is something that many people look at as a task that is not possible to them. They think there is a huge learning curve and that they don’t possess the technical expertise to really put one together. Most people are very mistaken, once upon a time this was the case but in today’s internet it is actually extremely easy to build a website that you can be proud of and actually will make you money.

In the past it was left to programmers and web techies to really understand the script necessary to build a website. These days however there has been a push to get more useful tools online that have really automated the process and as of late it is unnecessary to understand the tech talk. In fact you can put a webpage together in as little as a day, without having any background knowledge.

What’s more, building a website is a skill. Once you learn this skill, which is easier than you think, you will be able to put these same skills to use and build a number of websites using the same steps you have learned in the immediate process.

There are a few basic steps involved in putting together a successful webpage. They are as follows.

1) Choose a Domain Name – This is the step where you decide what you want to call your site. Always a choose a domain name that is most relevant to your idea.

2) Find a Suitable Web Host – This is really easy nowadays. There are a ton of webhosting companies and many like Go Daddy and Host Gator offer to let you buy a domain and add a hosting package for a single low price.

3) Download Your Web Content To Your Host – This is the most complicated part of the entire process. There are two ways of going about this. If you have a template that you wish to upload, you will have to down load a FTP software (filezilla is a free choice) and then upload your template onto the public domain of your host site.

The second far less complicated, and is one of the secrets to making a great website for un-teckie type people. You download a template that is offered on many hosting sites called WordPress. WordPress is a great tool to get you on the web is a fast way.

Reasons to pay for hosting your website

Sooner or later (usually sooner), most people make up their mind to create their own website. It’s a great idea for a number of reasons. Social sites are especially popular today. There is a good chance that you are already a member of a social site such as MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, or one of the many other social networking sites available online. People have great fun with their own pages, sharing news their hobbies or interests, posting photo galleries and many of the other features these sites provide. However, you will soon find that these features are limited. There are boundaries to what you can achieve on these free social sites. The good news is that for a very reasonable price, you can buy your own website with your very own domain name. The domain is your dot com name that you use in order to get people visit your site. When you own a personal website, there are almost no limits to what you can do with it. For example, you may freely post hundreds of images, create a blog and many more. It is even possible to earn some money with your site.

Qualities of a good hosting provider

No matter if your purpose is for pleasure or business, the first and most important thing you will need to take care of is a getting a good website host. The best site hosting companies provide a wide range of services for very reasonable prices. For example, a site such as MySpace won’t cost you anything monthly. However, if you spend as little as 3.88 monthly you can get the best site hosting available online. It will offer you numerous possibilities, among them the opportunity to make money online. Below you can find a list of features each good hosting company should provide:

  • No limits to space and transfer
  • No limits to email accounts
  • No limits to sub domains
  • An easy and user-friendly web site creator
  • An email auto responder
  • Forum and blogging software for free
  • Managing Newsletters
  • Advertising credits with Yahoo and Google
  • Fast and reliable access to your website
  • 24 hour support via free number or chat
  • Accurate tracking and statistics

Free vs. Paid Hosting

It is usually quite difficult to find the right ecommerce host that will match all your company’s needs, wants and demands. Because of the tremendous demands for web hosting, a great deal of ecommerce hosting service providers offer numerous features to choose from, and I strongly advise you to look for the best and most cost-effective ecommerce hosting company available on the market. First, do some research and compare as many ecommerce web hosting service providers as you can.

Ecommerce hosting is usually a very profitable business. The hosting charge differs according to the services, supports and the types, quality and quantity of the features you want. Although certain hosting companies provide their services for free, they still have a wide range of methods to make money – with selling ads to the prospective clients that are hosted on their websites being the most popular one. However, this kind of ecommerce hosting offers you no security and guaranteed service. If you investigate the records of free ecommerce hosting you will see their instability, because they tend to close down within a matter of weeks, months and first year of operation. Nevertheless, the free ecommerce hosting proves to be fine enough for personal pursuits such as the posting of personal information, family photographs, and profiles, as well as for individuals who learn the fundamentals of web hosting by experimenting with various programming scripts.

Advantages and disadvantages of cheap web hosting companies

Today internet has become a part and parcel of our life. We are using it from shopping to chatting with people who are thousands of miles away from us. This is the reason why, we get to see a new website for every next second. When we look back to 1991, when internet was just started and when world wide web was established, it was believed that only rich people could afford these services, and only bigger and larger companies can have their website Looking for cheap windows vps hosting Check out the most recommended and reputable cheap windows vps hosting providers.

But, now time have changed and now we see everyone having their own websites either for business purposes or for personal use, this is because of cheap web hosting services – which provide services at cheaper rates. However, the below are some of the advantages and disadvantages related to cheap web hosting services.

Advantages of cheap web hosting services:
  • Today one can get web hosting services for as low as $3 a month. Although, it come up with limited disk space and bandwidth, but in general the services are good.
  • The disk space offered by cheap web hosting companies varies from 5-75 GB, which is usually enough for those who want to have a website for personal use.
  • Main advantage of cheap web hosting services is that, you need not make larger investments. This is one of the reasons why more and more people are going for these services
Disadvantages of cheap web hosting services:
  • As they offer limited services, cheap web hosting services are not suitable for bigger organizations.
  • They do not provide security of data and they are at higher risks of server breakdown or an attack by a hacker.
  • They are often badly designed.
  • The server space has to be shared with other companies, so your site will be at a higher risk of spam.

The above are some of the advantages and disadvantages of cheap web hosting companies. One should consider these points when using for best dedicated servers services.

Free Web Hosting Services And The Glitches in Them

Recent surveys have revealed that the current number of websites actively working on the internet exceed a few millions in their numbers. When we day that every single website requires web hosting services, it enables us to gain a perspective on how huge the world of web hosting services are in present times. In fact it would not at all be wrong to say that web hosting services are biggest online businesses in current times. It is undeniably true that web hosting services are a primary requisite to launching a successful online business, selecting the right and perfect service provider from the vast variety of available options is most often a herculean task with very low success rates.

There are scores of companies that are listed on the internet that provide web hosting services. And apart from them every one of them offers are a plethora of data plans and payment plans. So searching through these wide varieties of choices meticulously should definitely yield some result for every person.

The most common web hosting services include facilities like reseller hosting, shared hosting, dedicated or personal hosting, free web hosting, etc. Each of these services have different capacities, different hosting processes, and of course vastly different features. The basic and bare minimum features include stuff like domain hosting, unlimited storage space, unlimited band width, etc. However, the features tend to vary with the specific and individualized requirements of the hosting server. Some websites require more features than the basic ones and hence each different service has its own hosting plans that cater suitably to the needs of that specific website.

Most online business owners however opt for free web hosting services which although apparently is a very lucrative proposition, actually costs a lot more than they actually portray. Free web hosting services do not offer any sort of customer support facilities which has often proved it to be a menacing trouble. Moreover with the word ‘free’ attracting a lot of patrons, over burdened and underperforming servers are a common occurrence. Free web hosting facilities also do not have a reputation of being well maintained and updated. Their downtime, that is the maintenance time, is excessively unpredictable.

Finally it must be mentioned come with hordes of pop up boxes and ad banners that are really disturbing when someone is trying to get serious work done. This often causes businesses with free hosting services to lose large numbers of clients.

All the above mentioned points are common sense stuff. This is because we need to pay a price for every little service that we get in our day to day life. Nobody gives us even a drop of water for free. In such a world, something as expensive as space on the World Wide Web coming for free is nearly as much an improbability as believing it is foolishness. The fact that space on the internet is being doled out for free itself should be an indicator to the vast flaws involved in the entire system.

PHP Web Hosting – A Brief Description

Amongst gamut of web hosting services provided by different companies, PHP web hosting has become the most appealing among the users. Because of its versatility, PHP web hosting has become the most popular in the market, with over 20 million websites, and over one million web servers are using it.

The word PHP actually implies Hypertext Processor, which is scripting language used by server side to develop dynamic websites. Apart from being versatile, there are many features that make it appealing like no other web hosting service does. I guess the features that are coming down in this article, will be enough to make one understand what actually it (PHP web hosting) is and why it is so popular.

One of its greatest advantages of this web hosting service is its independence on operating system. It works the same way and as efficiently in Linux, as in Windows based hosting platform. This feature is alone enough to give the PHP web hosting a sharp edge over other scripting language development. Though it has been observed that it is mainly used for Linux based web hosting platform, it is also efficiently compatible for Windows and Apache based web hosting platforms too.

PHP web hosting services have a flawless connectivity with databases. Even database software like MySQL (that are not supported by ASP or any other web hosting services) is compatible with PHP. This feature has its own gravity, making PHP-MySQL a deadly combination, and hence an inevitable choice for most web hosts. PHP and MySQL allows the web hosts to create forms any many interactive features making the investment a worth it.

Everyone is well acquainted with the fact that HTML, XML and XHTML are the building blocks of any webpage, and hence of websites. PHP has an additional advantage of the capability to get embedded in any HTML script conveniently. Its consistency and coherence with HTML and XTML dominates in this respect. Moreover, it satisfies W3C’s Web Accessibility Initiative requirements. Hence, this feature allows an extra support of several interfaces, viz. XHTML, encrypts etc.

If someone is reckoning to add additional functions with modules, PHP web hosting provides that support too, by its feature enabling to be customized like CMS. Irrespective of the kind of the website that is being created, PHP makes the easiest of all, apart from most efficient dynamic content management.

Finally, the feature that gives PHP web hosting an extra edge over all other web hosting services, be it ASP or any other service, is its support by software and IT giants. Microsoft, Oracle, IBM are some of the software giants, which support this language. This information (of support by IT giants) can be confirmed by access to the latest information, technical advances etc. These all add up to each other’s features and give several levels of security to prevent many internet threats, viz. Malicious attacks.

It has so many functionality, that more or less it is a gamut of features that makes it most popular web hosting service amongst all.

Web Hosting Tips to Generate Traffic for Startups

Through the creation of a website has two primary goals – to promote business and build an online presence (the product or service) and to communicate with the world. But in both cases, there are some things that are first time website owners should be aware. As a way of doing business these days, has achieved enormous progress in the nearly impossible, not to speak directly disadvantageous, and the business does not have the presence on the Internet.

There are many advantages to having a website for your business, and the right structure in place together with the promotion and marketing, website startup company plans to launch his right leg.

However, there is also a reality that many sites or online businesses that do not have the budget for all online marketing tools ideal. So there are other sites that have been very creative in promoting efficiency by providing, at cost-effective strategies for online marketing.

A website of a company plays an important role in attracting the interest of potential customers through a web site, company or business owner can tell you how your company and its products and services, while traffic to the site itself.

But, of course, because the company is now heavily dependent on the internet but it is logical to be extremely careful in how to manipulate the power of the Internet and to work to your advantage. What web hosting is concerned that some things that startup to be monitored. You need these tips, because the site hosting for the first time can be very difficult.

Good web hosting company is the key to effective website promotion and traffic. Here are some tips on choosing the best web hosting company that will help you build a strong and reliable site.

  • You must first find a web hosting company that best meets your needs. Search for certain web hosting companies and get quotes from several companies that specialize in providing services to a startup company that you -.
  • Choose the right web hosting company based on two very important things to your budget and your business needs. Observe how each company supports its customers and evaluate their facilities and services they offer and compare them, and prices with other companies.
  • After deciding web hosting company to go, sign and submit an application form and remember to include all relevant information such as your name, address, country of residence and how you will pay for services.

Web Hosting FAQ

Prior to shopping for a web hosting package, there is a great deal of information you should be aware of that may assist with your search. Learning the answers to the most common questions individuals ask when searching for the correct web hosting company will give you further insight into the technical aspects of the industry. This Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) guide provides some of the most common and requested information.

Q: What is web hosting?

A: Web hosting is the process of leasing hard disk space on a server and utilizing bandwidth through an internet service provider through a web hosting company to publish your website on the internet. There are many different types of hosting available, each offering advantages and disadvantages that may be beneficial to your site. Free hosting offers banners and other popups from the hosting company while paid hosting gives you more control over your content.

Q: What are web servers?

A: Web servers are powerful computers that store and transfer information across the internet. Almost all servers are connected to the internet for their lifespan. Web servers are the equipment that empowers the internet and allows it to run efficiently. All websites across the globe are stored and operated on web servers. It is impossible to access the internet without these pieces of equipment. There are many different types of web servers with various capabilities.

Q: What’s an IP address?

A: IP (Internet Protocol) addresses are a sequence of numbers used to identify specific computer locations on the internet. Every computer is assigned an IP address by their internet service provider. This assists with the communication between two computers or a computer and a server. Websites contain IP addresses that related to the server on which they are hosted. These locations are vital to the proper functioning of the internet and many hosting plans provide multiple addresses

Q: What is a file transfer protocol?

A: A File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a technique to upload and download files to and from a web server. FTP clients are software programs make it easier to transfer this information as it acts as an easy-to-use interface. FTP makes it easy to update our website and transfer hundreds of pages without having to upload them individually.

Q: What are control panels?

A: Control panels are a user-friendly interface designed to give you complete control over the administration and management of your website and server. Most of the time you spend with a control panel will be as a website owner. Therefore, it is imperative to become familiar with all the controls and functions your control panel has to offer. For your convenience, control panels are usually split into many sections related to different aspects of your website.

Q: What is a domain name?

A: A domain name is a phrase or word that directs the user to a specific internet site utilizing a web browser. Top-level Domains (TLD’s) are the main sites a user accesses and gives each website an exclusive identity. Essentially, domain names are simply the name of the website followed by an extension like .com, .org, .edu, .gov, .net, .info, etc

Q: What are subdomains?

A: Subdomains are extensions of the main domain name which separates the site into various configurations. Subdomains act as folders that categorize the main website into detailed sections. Large websites that need to store a massive amount of information in different directories use subdomains. Most web hosting providers allow customers to create an unlimited number of subdomains

Q: What is domain parking?

A: Domain parking is a simple practice that allows you to purchase a domain name and create a “coming soon” page that users see when they access your site. Although not needed, it informs users that a site will be here soon and they should check back. If a domain is not parked, the website will simply be inaccessible to everyone. Luckily, most domain registrars provide this feature as a defaut

Q: How do I register a domain name?

A: Domain name registration has become much easier over the years. The first step is to ensure the domain name you wish to purchase is available. Sites like and provide this service. Also, you are able to look this information up on more registrars by simply typing in the web address. Second, visit a registrar website to purchase the name through simple point and click actions.

Q: Do I have to change my domain name if I get a new host?

A: As long as the domain name is registered in your name, you have the freedom to switch hosts and bring your domain name with you as much as necessary. To update your domain name on a web server, you simply must change your name servers to that of the new host.

Q: What are shared web hosting plans?

A: Shared web hosting plans are services that host many different websites on a single server. Each account has a specific amount of hard disk space and bandwidth allocated to them. This is the least expensive type of web hosting plan. This is due to hosting providers only having to purchase one web server to provide hosting to many accounts. Therefore the savings are transferred to the webmaster.

Q: What is reseller hosting?

A: Reseller hosting is designed to provide the customer with all required resources to begin an independent web hosting company. With reseller hosting plans, resources are available at wholesale prices while providing all the tools a reseller host needs to customize packages to their clients. Reseller hosts are given flexibility, full customization and a lack of restrictions allowing them to create hosting plans that appeal to various types of customers.

Q: What is ecommerce hosting?

A: ecommerce hosting is a type of host developed for online stores. The plans found in this type of hosting provide all the resources necessary to create attractive, functional and lucrative stores online. The most common features of ecommerce hosting including: shopping carts, payment processing functionality and catalog builders. Most online stores use ecommerce hosting to track and process billing and invoicing.

Q: What is dedicated hosting?

A: Dedicated hosting plans allow you to lease a private server that is only used by their websites. This is one of the best types of hosting because the resources of the server and bandwidth are not shared. Dedicated hosting gives the user full customization and the freedom to do whatever they want. It is also the most powerful and resources are rarely depleted. This option is much more expensive than others so mostly large websites opt for dedicated hosting.

Q: What is virtual hosting?

A: Virtual hosting divides web servers and resources between hundreds of sites simultaneously thus allowing for enhanced performance to each site on the server. Virtual hosting offers a variety of resources with the ability to adjust server and software configurations. Virtual hosting is typically utilized by large websites but is the perfect solution for those on a budget.

Q: How do I upload my website?

A: There are many methods to uploading your website to a server. However, the most popular technique is through an FTP client. This allows you to login to your account and simply drag and drop your files to the host server.

Q: What are bandwidth, transferring and disk space?

A: Bandwidth is the amount of information the web server will allow you to transfer in one month. If you go over this predetermined amount, your host may temporarily shut down your site or charge you overage fees. Transferring is the amount of data transferring in one month, measured in gigabytes. This is typically $2 to $5 per extra gigabyte over your transfer limit. Disk space is the amount of physical space on a server you have allocated to your website.

Q: Why are server resources constantly mentioned?

A: Server resources consist of bandwidth, transferring and disk space. Since server resources are the capability of your web server, web hosting companies make your use of them clear in the contract.

Q: Can I host my own site?

A: Although it is possible, hosting your own site is not generally recommended. Most ISP’s have a clause in the contract that do not allow you to use the connection for web hosting. If you are caught, your account is likely to be terminated. Also, this would be a massive headache since you would be responsible for monitoring all security, updates and issues that arise, not to mention having your computer running around the clock.

Q: Why not choose the cheapest web hosting provider?

A: Web hosting is a type of business. Therefore, companies must make a profit to continue their operations. Therefore, in order to maintain low prices, something must suffer. It could be the amount of uptime, available features or quality of the service.

Q: How do I pay for web hosting?

A: Most web hosting providers offer different packages depending on your business or personal need. Almost all web hosting providers accept credit cards, checks, money orders, PayPal and electronic funds transfer.

Q: What is uptime?

A: Uptime is the amount of time a server is functional allowing the website to be available on the internet. Ideally the best uptime is 100 percent, however, nothing is ever guaranteed so most hosts offer an uptime percentage of 99.9.

Q: Will my site contain forced advertising?

A: That depends. If you are utilizing paid web hosting there will be no forced advertisements such as popups or banner ads. Nobody will place advertisements on your website except you. If you are using free web hosting, it is likely there will be forced advertisements.

Q: What are PHP, ASP and Perl?

A: These are three web hosting programming languages. PHP is a hypertext processor, ASP stands for active server pages and Perl is simply another language with no acronym. Each language provides advantages and disadvantages so it is best to conduct research.

Q: What are MySQL and MS SQL?

A: MySQL and MS SQL are two database systems. Which system is selected depends on your web hosting provider. These databases assist you with the organization of your website’s data. Again, there are different pros and cons to each depending on your need.

Q: Why would I need a dedicated IP address?

A: Dedicated IP addresses are not required for most website needs. However, for those that wish to utilize an anonymous FTP or use SSL certificates, a dedicated IP address can make this process much more streamlined.

Q: What is a content management system?

A: A content management system (CMS) makes it easy to write, publish, edit and organize content on your website. CMS is to content what control panels are to web hosting accounts. Most professional website use CMS to update their sites.

Q: What is a datacenter?

A: A datacenter is a large facility used to store web hosting equipment in optimal conditions. All aspects of the environment are precisely controlled including the temperature, humidity, fireproofing and amount of air circulated throughout the facility.

Q: What are SSL certificates?

A: An SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate is a type of data encryption that blocks personal information from being hacked. SSL certificates are utilized by websites for highly-sensitive pages such as product checkout sections.

Q: What is search engine optimization?

A: Search engine optimization is the method of creating websites and content to please search engines like Google and Yahoo. All webmasters should learn the best practices of search engine optimization.

Q: What are DNS servers?

A: DNS servers are used to connect to a domain name system which is a gigantic network of information that stores the coordinates of all servers and domain names on the internet. This is the largest database in the world.

Q: What is web hosting spam?

A: Web hosting spam is forceful advertising of web hosting companies used as a marketing technique. This is a dangerous method as spam can overload a system potentially causing permanent damage to the equipment.

Q: What are cron jobs?

A: Cron jobs are specific tasks that can be added to any web hosting control panel. This allows for automation of small tasks. There is usually a specific section in the control panel for cron jobs allowing for the scheduling of these tasks.

Q: What are file managers?

A: The file manager is found within the control panel and allows for the management of all your website files. You have the ability to edit, backup and view data connected to your websites. Once opened, you have access to all directories.

Q: How do I backup my site?

A: Backing up your website is a tremendously easy task using a control panel. Backups can be scheduled for specific times or days or can be manually completed. Almost all control panels have this function.

The preceding 35 questions are the most commonly asked and important when shopping for a web hosting provider. By reviewing these questions and answers, you will be better able to make an informed decision.


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