How Automation Helps In Recruitment Processes

In these Covid times, recruitment has become a tough process. Pink slips and downsizing have become the order of the day, and HR managers in companies are finding it difficult to source suitable candidates for doing a specific job role. There is, no doubt, talent in every industry, but candidates who are in existing jobs are afraid of putting down their papers in the existing companies. Also, they fear, when going to the new company, a crisis happens, they will be the first to be axed. All these factors have made the recruitment processes very difficult. However, automation and machine learning has come as a boon to the hiring industry. In this blog, we will find out how automation helps in recruitment processes.

Benefits of Recruitment Automation

1. Pre-Screening of Candidates

It is understood, a recruiter (from a consultancy or organisation) spends more than 50% of the time screening the right candidates for the job. Usually, the recruiter has to do repetitive tasks which will be simple, but mandatory. Automating these tasks will not only save the recruiter’s time, but also help the candidate get the best interview experience.

If you need to interview 100 candidates for twenty positions, you can opt for virtual video interviews. Yes, they will be pre-recorded, but you can frame the questions and send them to the candidates so that they can complete at their own time. Please note, that there will be some candidates who will not be interested to make the move, and they will convey the message right away via email or message. So, you can save time.

There are some organisations which have installed IVR recruitment software in their interviews. The IVR software can call candidates, ask them specific questions, and if the candidate is not interested in the job, then he/she can decline the offer by tapping the rejection number button.

2. Scheduling the Interviews

If you have some candidates who are already working in other companies, they will not be comfortable attending the interview on the job. So, make the interview simple by allowing candidates to schedule their own time for the conversation. You can use the interview scheduling software (recruitment automation tools) for assistance.

3. Complete the Recruitment Process Faster

The best way will be to make use of automated mobile recruiting apps. You can access & browse hundreds of candidates’ resumes, check their information, and can also do scheduling of interviews while going to office by cab. With interview apps, there is absolutely no need that you have to work only from the Personal Computer or Laptop.

4. Check the Process Happens as Scheduled

If you are screening for Senior Content Writer positions, automate the workflow. If you have sent an assignment to ten candidates with different deadline dates, make the automated software send a reminder to you for every candidate. This will help you get regular updates on your previous assignments when you have to complete multiple work-flows.

Conclusion – How Automation Helps In Recruitment Processes

We have focused on only four benefits of how automation helps in recruitment processes. However, there are other benefits making use of CRM software to streamline the recruitment process, making use of NLP chat bots for resume collection and more. It can help make the recruiter get the right candidate and eliminates errors in hiring processes.

If you want to know the benefits of using a CRM system, then kindly click this link.

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