Jobs in Movies: Unlimited Opportunities in Voice-Over Industry

Do you know there are unlimited opportunities in Voice-over industry. Let us explain. As per the recent report, the Telugu movie “Pushpa – The Rise” has become a blockbuster even in other Indian States. Have you seen the famous dialogue that has set the box office on fire – Pushpa ante Flower anukuntiva, Fire? This dialogue was spoken by the popular actor known as one of the Fashion Icons in Tollywood – Allu Arjun. Now he had given his voice to the Telugu version. But this film has reached a milestone even in other regional languages. This is due to the voice over given for the Telugu Iconic actor, AlluArjun and his co-stars by respective voice over artists in Bollywood and other regional languages. In Hindi, for the superstar Allu Arjun, it was ShreyasTalpade who gave the voice-over.


Unlimited Opportunities in OTHER SECTORS


When it comes to baritone, who can forget the voice of our Bollywood Superstar, Amitabh Bachan? Do you also possess a sweet voice or with a baritone? Or can you speak in different voices? If you are one, consider becoming a dubbing artist. As it is, there are unlimited opportunities in Voice-Over industry in movies and other industries.

How Do You Define Voice-Over Work?

It is a work, by which you use your vocal chords and speaking abilities for recording your voice in the form of audio for various jobs in multiple sectors. If you want to become a voice-over artist, you need to convey the words via your voice so that the recording device saves your audio. Then you edit it as per the needs and send the end product to clients. Your work can involve different tasks ranging from speaking a story, sharing various types of information or acting as an animated character.

You can get voice-over jobs either as a freelance project or a contract where the duration can extend from three months to a year. There are unlimited opportunities in voice-over industry.

Earnings from Voice Over Industry

The salaries are awesome. However, for a beginner, it can start from Rs 275 to Rs 500 per hour. But if you are an experienced voice-over artist and have worked on meritorious projects, then you can earn by the thousands/lakhs by the hour.

Famous Voice Over artists of the globe:

Unlimited Opportunities in OTHER SECTORS

When it comes to India, please check the information below:

Famous Voice-Over artists in Kollywood (Tamil film industry)

  • Deepa Venkat
  • Raveena Ravi
  • Chinmayi
  • Suchitra Karthick
  • Rohini


Famous Voice-Over artists in Telugu Film industry (Tollywood)

  • Sripathi Panditaradhulaya Sailaja
  • Savitha Reddy
  • Chinmayi
  • Manasi


Famous Voice-Over artists in Kannada movie industry (Sandalwood)

  • P Ravishankar
  • Sai Kumar
  • Sreeja Ravi
  • Sunetra Pandit
  • Deepa Bhaskar
  • Sparsha RK


Famous Voice-over artists in Malayalam Industry (Mollywood)

  • KPAC Lalitha
  • Angel Shijoy
  • Devi S
  • Rizabawa
  • Shammi Thilakan


Famous Voice Over artists in Marathi Industry

  • Deepika Joshi Shah
  • Namrata Sawhney
  • Raghuvir Yadav
  • Meghana Erande
Unlimited Opportunities in Voice Over Industry

Image from Indian Express

Famous Voice Over artists in Bollywood (Hindi Film Industry)

  • Piyush Mishra
  • Atul Kapoor
  • Harish Bhimani
  • Khusboo Atre
  • Shreyas Talpade


Unlimited Opportunities in Voice-Over Industry

Voice-over Work in Other Industries

Let us get to know the different types of voice-over work in other industries:

Right from the day, radio appeared on the scene, voice over artists have found work. At present, they have diversified in the form of advertisements and commercials. How many times have you purchased a sanitiser product, after hearing the words – Keeping your home germ-free? Kindly remember.

In commercials, as a voice-over artist, you may be asked to portray a character, or give dubbing voice for another co-actor and more.


Who does not know the characters – Tom & Jerry? The famous rat and cat saga? Now, just for a moment, when you see the video, listen to the voices. The voices for Tom & Jerry are given by voice-over artists.

Sometimes, voiceover artists also need to work for animated characters in education promotional videos. There are unlimited opportunities in voice-over industry as far as animation is concerned. However, for some projects, they need to get voice-over training.

2. Audiobooks

Have you ever attended a book launching event by a famous author? In the event, the author will read some lines of the book. But when it comes to making an audio book, then voiceover artists are required to play various characters in the story or novel.

3. Audio-Assistants

There are numerous audio assistant digital programs on the internet. They will need voice-over artists for reading the script.

4. Video Games 

Have you ever objected to your sister’s son or niece watching fighting video games? Or have them watch an adventure game? Voice over artists get the maximum work from video games as the industry has various niches. A voice over artist may have to give the dialogue for a Japanese Samurai or a robot.

5. Virtual Assistants

Have you given commands to Alexa, Siri and Cortana? A voice-over artist with a clear voice will be the person to be selected for the job.

6. Wellness Industry

This industry needs multiple voice-over artists for recordings, apps, inspiration videos, meditation as well as exercises.

7. Documentaries

This job needs the work of a person who can keep the audience engaged with voice modulations. He/she needs to portray the emotions via the voice that are to be conveyed. Please note, there are plenty of jobs as you can see various channels vying with each other to produce documentaries. Example – HBO, Netflix and Discovery Channels.

8. Announcing Tasks

Have you ever been to the railway platform where you hear a voice conveying the timings of arrival or departure of trains? This is just an example. You can also relate the voice to the IVR of banks or announcement by chat bots.

9. Podcasts

The recent entrant to the voice-over industry, it is the toast of the town.


Famous Companies that give Unlimited Opportunities in Voice-Over Industry

If you want to know how to get voice over work with no experience, then you can visit these websites to gain valuable knowledge:

  • Filmless
  • Voice123
  • Backstage
  • Snap Recordings
  • Envato
  • Bunny Inc
  • Voice Crafters
  • Bodalgo
  • The Voice Realm
  • Mandy
  • Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX) – Amazon
  • Facebook Groups


How To Become A Voice Over Artist

You can visit the Facebook groups which support voice-over actors. You can also check the mentoring programs at famous book publishing houses such as Penguin. But the best way is to visit YouTube and spend some time. You can definitely get some training and then try voice over jobs for beginners from home.

The websites to visit to gain knowledge are:



Do you have a sweet voice liked by friends & relatives? Do you sincerely feel with training and guidance, you can make a career in the voice-over industry? Then consider giving it your best shot. We wish you – ALL THE BEST.

The entire South India is waiting with bated breath for these upcoming movies of 2022:

  • Valimai – Hero – Superstar Ajith Kumar (Tamil movie)
  • RRR – Heroes – Superstars Ram Charan and Jr NTR (Telugu movie)
  • Acharya – Hero – Superstar Chiranjeevi (Telugu movie)
  • KGF 2 – Superstar Yash (Kannada movie)

Let us sincerely hope even these movies get dubbed in other regional language and become blockbusters.

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