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With the emerging business of online taxis, the demand of taxi dispatch software has shown a dramatic increase over the last decade. The success of powerful brands like uber, Ola and lyft has inspired others to launch their own taxi service.


In order to overcome the hurdles of manual taxi dispatch system, Automatic taxi dispatched system was established to make taxis more efficient and reliable in future. Perhaps the change did work. Implementing the automatic taxi dispatched system proved to be a significant step for the taxi companies to double their bookings and income. In short, this technology has enabled the local people to book a hassle free ride. According to a survey conducted in UK, the percentage of people opting for online taxi has double over the past years.

Before opting for best taxi dispatch system one needs to consider few points in mind.

  • The software should be user-friendly as it should provide you One Tap Booking for quick accessing.
  • Driver and customer information should be secured by all means. Any loss of the information can create massive trouble.
  • GPS tracking system is an absolute necessity. The authorized person should be able to track the on-going rides.
  • Secure Payment method is a must! The software should accept cash on delivery as well as all type of cards.
  • Both drivers and passengers should be able to give rating to each other. The rating can later help to decide the performance of the respective driver.
  • Technical support 24/7 is a priority! The customer should be able to complain and question their queries via a support. It should be 24/7.

One of the leading taxi dispatch company, Cab treasure is renowned for its innovative dispatch system. The dispatched system is known for its latest cutting edge technology thus giving you the ultimate solution for your taxi service. Whether you have a fleet in 50s or 100s or thousands, our customized app is a one stop solution for your business. We not only strive to care for our customers but we also help them in choosing the best for their business.

Who doesn’t want to double their income? The taxi dispatch software not only helps your brand to get immediate identification but also it gives you a complete access to your fleet. From tracking your taxi to managing bills, the efficient system will make your business competitive in the growing industry.

Why one should go for taxi dispatched system?

  1. It helps you to carry out the operational activities via your mobile phone. From accepting a customer request to billing, this software is all you need to make your business smoother.
  2. The GPS technology fitted in the dispatched software helps you to reach the customer destination easily in less time.
  3. The app supports the facility of payment via cards-which makes your business more effective and productive.
  4. You can calculate your income via your app and can track your daily and monthly performance in just one click.
  5. You can read customer reviews and feedback which are vital for your business growth.
  6. You can keep a track of your drivers and their respective location. This will help you in keeping the best one in your business.
  7. Best of all, it will ensure the safety of your vehicles throughout the city.

Your business may be one step away from becoming fully functional!

Cab Treasure offers a one stop solution for taxi dispatch system. Our taxi dispatched software is designed by the most creative developers to make it user friendly while keeping it cost-effective on the other hand.


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