5 Insane Digital Display Advertising Statistics. Is it Worth?

Digital display advertising is expensive when it comes to setting your digital marketing budget. Many marketers are skeptical due to low click through rates, lack of trust and irrelevant content. In this blog, I will run through five shocking digital display banner statistics, is it really worth it?

1. You’re more likely to survive a plane crash than click on a display ad 

The average click through rate of a banner is 0.06%. Should this statistic help with your decision for using digital display advertising? Absolutely not! Click through rate should never be a primary metric when using digital display advertising, the majority of clicks are accidental from ‘fat finger syndrome’ anyway. It isn’t a conversion tool. I repeat digital display is not a conversion tool! Long term brand awareness and reach through impressions should be one of the main goals for digital display advertising.

Source: Business Insider

2. 40% of Irish internet users are using Adblockers

Before you go and pause all digital display activity, it’s important to note that 84% of these ad-blockers are on desktop only. Intrusive and interfering ads being the main reasons why they have decided to block ads. Is this a massive problem? I would say no, not yet. Mobile usage in Ireland has taken over desktop in recent years. Also, when compared to Asia’s ad blocking rate of 94% there is no reason to panic just yet. If we all move away from ‘pay and spray’ advertising, we will be less likely to annoy our internet users.

Source: IAB Ireland

3.  Native ads are viewed 53% more than banner ads

Many marketers say that native ads are the way forward. They should be replacing digital display completely as they are less annoying and more tolerable. Yes, that is correct. But, if you use digital display correctly by serving the internet user with relevant content at the right time, it shouldn’t be that way. Native and Digital Display work very well together for brand awareness, they should be best friends. If you have viewed a native ad, you’re more likely to be engaged with the brand. So, if the digital display banner follows the user around the internet, it’s more likely to resonate with them.

Source: Sharethrough

4. There has been a 99.9% decrease in CTR since the first digital display advertising ad in 1994

Yes, you read that correctly. The first digital display ad above was served in 1994 which served a whopping 78% click through rate. So, in 23 years there has nearly been a 100% decline in click through rates of digital display ads. This shocking decline is due to a few different reasons, more curiosity of the internet user in 1994 and ‘banner blindness’. Nowadays, internet users are more likely to block out digital display ads if they are not relevant, especially because the number of digital display banners is increasing online every day. Internet users in 2017 have less patience, they will only pay attention to topics that interest them at that time and at that time only.

Source: Infolinks

5. Only 14% of users remember the last ad they saw online

Think about it, you’re on the internet and you see something flashing at the side of your screen trying to grab your attention. You glance at it, do you think you could recall the product or service if I asked you later that day? Probably not! Unless it’s of interest to you. Internet users will only recall digital display ads if the content is relevant to them at that time of day.

Source: MediaPost

So, should we use Digital Display banners?  Is it really worth it? 

Although it may seem that the world is against us when it comes to digital display advertising with ad blockers, ad avoidance and native advertising. The solution to keeping digital display alive is relevancy. Big data brings with it the opportunity for us marketers to show relevant, personalized content to the user at the right time. Relevant content de-clutters the internet environment for the user. It also keeps it interesting meaning they’re less likely to ad-block and more likely to recall the brand/product.

There are no excuses for using display advertising in 2019, Higher a professional from TechDu, who could serve your internet users the relevant content at the right time. This will ensure your display campaign is an asset, not an annoyance.

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