How To Rank Your Web Pages #1 On Google – Open A Floodgate Of Income

This is blog is exclusively to know how to make money with a blog, product review site, or anything you may have knowledge of. Also, we will discuss about How To Rank Your Web Pages #1 On Google. If you’ve never had a blog, can or can’t write, never had a website with web hosting, or you’ve been trying for years to get traffic and make money and have failed.

Everyone searching on the internet is looking for information, they want to learn something, maybe read about a product and find out why it’s useful for them and why it’s a good decision to buy it. If you want to be successful, you have to have the information people want to know, and you have to present it to them at an impressive level. Your content must be significant, influential, comprehensive, appealing, fun to read, possibly amusing, and flawless in the English language.

I understand people hate when reading articles when the writer like tells them what to do, but if you are dead serious about being the #1 position on Google and making money on the internet, you have to plan, do research, and think about what you’re gonna do. And being in the #1 position is like opening a floodgate and money will knock on your door.

So try to think about how serious this is. People will come to your site and read what you have, educated people, people who trust what they’re reading, you have to teach them something, that’s why they’re looking it up on the internet, to learn. If they like the look of your site and you as a writer, they will buy your products or services, or products and services you offer as an affiliate. Every article you write must be unique and professional.

Your site must be in demand, something searched for everyday in search engines. Most subjects have already been accounted for when it comes to keywords(the exact term or terms people type to look up something). My first blog I started with no knowledge of keywords or the sites I would be competing with(every site you see in the results on Google when you do a search), you’ve all seen them at the top. I started a Self Improvement blog, about 80 million results in Google. Well I’m not gonna compete with that, not to mention all the good writers online already that have Self Improvement articles on blogs.

To rank on Google for your main URL/domain can be difficult or close to impossible. Think about all the major magazines that have articles coming out everyday, online news websites, etc, anything on the web related. That’s the situation for ranking your main site URL, the internet has been around for over 20 years and everything has been done already, not to mention everyday people are starting blogs trying to make money off search terms.


So you have ideas for a blog, or even you want to start a blog but don’t know what to write about. Or you just want to make money with a blog, that’s your only motive is to make money. You need to understand keywords. As I mentioned before keywords are the exact terms people type in search engines to find something. There’s regular keywords and what is called Long Tail keywords, How To Make Money With A Blog, that’s a Long Tail keyword and will yield different results than How To Start A Blog. You can focus your articles on phrases like that, and possibly rank each individual article on your blog, which would lead directly to the URL of that article on your blog.

This is how you get your websites on Google, through every article. The more articles you rank for, the more your website is seen and you have multiple streams of income, don’t worry about getting your main website ranked in Google. If you get a couple articles ranked in the first position of Google, you have yourself some income.

Choosing Keywords For Your Domain/Main Website

But your site does have to revolve around a main keyword or several keywords, Google will still see what your site is about and it’s all important as far as how relevant to the subject or niche of your site and it’s content. All your pages and main site are all linked.

Take your ideas or obvious terms that people would search for looking for what you want to have your blog about. Product Review sites(You can read one example of Deep fryer reviews here ) as well, there’s a ton of money to be made with Product Reviews because a lot of people want to read reviews before they buy a product, and there’s possibly not too many results in Google for Whatever Brand Name Review, or Buy This Brand Name Product.

Keyword Research

I’ll show you how to look for the amount of Monthly Searches any keyword gets and some free places to do research. The first one is

Google Keyword Planner

Most keyword research sites will vary as far as how many monthly searches it will show for any keyword. There are sites that you have to pay for and will give you a more exact estimation as far as how many people are searching for any term each month.

Google Keyword Planner(which is free), gives you an estimate

0 to 100
100 to 1,000
1,000 to 10,000

You’ll find a ton of keywords with the Google tool, there’s a list when you search for a term. The results are on a short page and at the bottom there’s buttons to go to the next and previous pages. Also there will be many unrelated keywords sometimes, you have to deal with it, they are still related in a way and that’s the way Google’s tool works.

How Google Keyword Planner Works

Enter your keyword at the top and and hit Get results at the left hand side of the page.
Google keyword Tool get results
You’ll see any keywords that are used in search engines related to your article. Obviously they’re all not relevant. Pick some out, look at the results in Google, 1K to 10K means every month there can be a thousand to ten thousand searches a month, it will give you an idea of the competition but look for yourself.
Google keywords Tools Get Ideas

Keywords For Your Main Site

You want to go with a lower amount of monthly searches for a keyword. You can start at 1,000 searches a month, the lesser the searches the easier it may be for you to rank on Google. You also have to look on Google and see how many results there are. Don’t start a blog that has 50 million results for it’s keywords, there’s too much competition, you want it as low and as realistic as you can.

If you can, use the keyword in your domain. use a .com, .net, or a .org, nobody respects a site with any other extension. Google will index your site as such, it’s powerful, and will be an advantage to your ranking. And people will recognize your URL and be attracted to it.

Use the keyword in the title of your site, use another in the description so search engines see and respect your site for what is,

Keyword Research For Articles/Product Reviews

Before or after writing your article, you can approach it anyway you want, find some related keywords to what your article is about. You can start as low as 100 monthly searches, but the higher you get it’s gonna be harder for you to rank. 1,000 people searching a month for your article with your affiliates on it, if you get to the top of Google, you may get 60% to 70% of those searching, then you can make sales.

Search on Google again and see what the competition is and how many results. A first page of magazine articles and big time time companies you might want to stay away from. Less than a million for your keyword, get on that. the more results it’s gonna be harder to rank for that keyword, but it can be done.

And like I said before, the more individual pages you have showing up in search engines, the more your page will be seen and you have alot of different ways for people to see your site and buy your products.

Search Engine Optimization For Articles

Your keyword must go in the title of your article, that’s how Google will know what your article is about so it can properly index it, and people will see that your article is about what they’re looking for after searching. You can add to it, make it attractive, problem solving, something that catches their attention.

LG OLED65G7P Review
LG OLED65G7P Review – 65″ 4K Ultra HD Smart TV

Your keyword must go in the first 100 words(or around) of your article, this ensures Google sees what the article is about right away. Properly done, it’s in Bold, Italic, and Underline tags so it can be recognized both by search robots and visitors. Most people recognize blue as a link, either default your blog links to blue or make the link blue with html.

When starting out with a blog you should link the keyword to an external article related to your keyword, an authority site on the subject like you would find on the first page results of Google. Google wants to see this, your article is linked to a respectful site that relates to your keyword, which in return makes your article more respectful. Forbes, any Wikipedia page, sites you know are huge or try to get as good as a site as you can. After awhile you can stop linking to other sites and link to your own, and even so you can always link to other sites and you are still linking to other pages with authority.

Believe it or not, 300 words is sufficient for search engines for an article, but you’re going to want to write more than that, 500, more like 700 to 1,000 words. More than that if you have something to say, and visitors will enjoy reading the informative content you have. The more enjoyable and useful an article is, will get it retweeted and shared on social media on other people’s accounts spreading it around for others to see.

Make your articles the best they can be, like you’re handing in a college paper. Use your keyword several times, you don’t always have to use bold, etc, tags or link, just once in the beginning of the article. Use other related keywords a few times if you can, but do not overuse any keyword or use it out of context, search engines can recognize this and your article will be considered spam. Not to mention people will get annoyed reading it.

Do not add a list of keywords anywhere in the article thinking you want to rank for different keywords. You will penalized and search engines will take your site out of search results and you won’t return.

You can also use your keyword in sort of a header at the beginning of an article, or use another keyword to try and rank for another keyword. I have a review site, so it works out nice if I use,

LG OLED Review

at the top of the review. That’s a keyword but my articles main keyword may be

LG OLED65G7P Review

which I used in the title.

You also want to link to an article within your site somewhat related after the article is done, it doesn’t need to be exact. But Google will see a relation and it wants to see your sites pages all linked together all over your site, you absolutely need this. If you don’t have a similar article, at least link to some page on your site.

Plus after your visitors have read your article you’re showing them something else they may be interested in and you keep them on your site. Just use the name of the new article, or You may be interested in this, then link to it.

Comments On Your Blog

A very wise move is to ask your readers a question, Does anyone have any experiences to share?, or What do you think of someday the sun will crash into the earth and all mankind on earth will cease to exist?. You’ll get more comments on your articles, get more visitors involved, if you get people commenting on articles it can become popular, you can imagine. And reply to those comments, visitors will appreciate you for it. You’ll get to know each other and they will be waiting to read any article you write, and they are coming back, populate your blog, it can become bigger, people see its active and stick around and buy your stuff.

For Those Who Have Never Had A Web Host/Wordpress

You’re going to have to get a web host and put WordPress on it. You don’t use a free WordPress blog or anything else available free and they host it. You just don’t. Get a plan with a reputable web host. They all cost over a $100 for a year plan, anywhere. The web host I use which is GreenGeeks, a well known host has a 3 year plan for $140, well that’s it, how can beat 3 years over one year. You get the same CPanel everyone gets on any host, they’re all the same, there’s one CPanel website and all the hosts provide that. They have their own servers to keep you online and store your files but it’s all the same don’t kid yourself, you don’t gotta have GoDaddy or Host Gator. And I know GoDaddy’s file manager and how you set different sites up is way difficult that’s why I left them.

Here is my referral link for my host, please sign up with it. I am here to make money, and someday you will make money from your visitor.

Themes/Web Design For Your Blog

You need to pay for a Premium WordPress Theme. Google knows what you have for a theme, it’s a fact that Premium themes will have an advantage when it comes to ranking over a free or nulled theme. There’s major websites that provide themes, you’ll get support for a period of time if you need it. How to change the look of the blog, add or take stuff out, change colors, anything you need help with if you are a beginner. Don’t be afraid, there’s support for everything on the internet and if you ask someone will show how to do whatever you need. And eventually you will become accustomed to doing it yourself.

You’ll find thousands of themes you can buy, so many you wouldn’t even be able to look at them all. They have themes for certain niches look to see if any site has one for yours.

Here are some sites where you’ll find the best Premium themes for WordPress.

StudioPress Themes
Elegant Themes
Template Monster

Affiliates – Products And Services You Can Sell On Your Blog

There are a ton of affiliate programs you can join to sell their products or services on your site, you make a commission. You obviously want to have things related to your content to sell. I have this SEO blog, so i have things like web host plans, themes, etc on it.

Here are some of the biggest affiliate programs, I’m not kidding they’re right here.

Google Adsense is a great way to make good money and shows ads that relate to your sites niche on it’s own. .30, .40., 50 anytime someone hits the ads, they don’t have to buy anything. If you get good traffic from Google this will add up and you got some money.

Amazon Associates
CJ Affiliate
Rakuten Affiliate Network

You can also sign up directly on some major stores or companies websites if they have a direct affiliate program available. But most companies and stores have affiliate programs but you have to sign up for them on big affiliate sites like CJ and Rakuten. Alot of the time you’ll get shot down after applying because your site isn’t big enough.

Amazon you may think is obviously strange to be selling stuff from, you might think, well why don’t they just go to Amazon. It works, people see it on your site, most everyone in the world respects Amazon, and will purchase your products from your link. They even have a 60 or 90 day cookie that will track anything your visitors buy from Amazon in 90 days and you’ll get the commission, if they hit your link.

This is a major affiliate of mine. When I signed up it was called just Prosperent. A huge company bought them over a year ago and they aren’t fully merged and all organized yet, but they have everything for you to make money now so don’t worry. Or sign up for both, if they eventually make it into one pay system everything will work out for you.

Viglink was the buyer, one of the top affiliates on the internet, they have 6 million products from international stores and brand name products. Exactly where you go to buy your designer stuff or whatever. You can sell products on your site directly from JCPenney, Best Buy, Wal-Mart, they probably have it. They have a plugin to monetize your content with text links within your article, and you can link to individual products or make your own store sort of within a WordPress page. They also have a button you can use on your browser to post any product to social media directly from any store or website that’s in their program.

And if you sign up under Prosperent they have brand names and big stores too, but they have a WordPress plugin that you can put a store on it with and it’s updated automatically with new products.


They are making a new plugin for the two companies together to make stores on WordPress, I know I’ve talked to the guy who’s making it from Prosperent. So that will be available, but seriously you couldn’t find a better affiliate than these two, just go on their site and look at what they have.

Getting Your Pages Ranked #1 On Google

Now we have our blog and putting articles on it. Separate sections of your articles with header type descriptions and make them look nice like I have, one big post is not gonna look attractive and the viewer may just leave.

Use images from stock photo sites for the featured image. Here’s an article on how to find free images without the concern of copyright. Do not steal images from any website on the internet, that’s theft and they are protected by copyright laws and you could be sued, yes one pic stolen by nobody like you.

Use images from stock photo sites for the featured image. Do not steal images from any website on the internet, that’s theft and they are protected by copyright laws and you could be sued, yes one pic stolen by nobody like you.

Whatever social media networks you don’t belong to, join them. Stumbleupon, Pinterest, Reddit, Instagram, join them all and post each new article on every one. You won’t be getting traffic right away with your new blog so post as much as you can on social media. Use attractive and to the point images, use hashtags so people can find your posts in a search. Don’t expect many sales from social media, but people will go on your site and that is potential sales.

I may sound to harsh here but, I’m gonna tell you how it really is, you came here to learn how to rank your pages #1 on Google and i’m going to show you how you can do just that. You can rank easy to rank keywords, what we’ve been talking about, 100, 1,000, 4,000, on Google maybe to the second or third page pretty easily. I can rank a Product Review to the second or third page on Google in 2 or 3 days.

But they’re just gonna sit there and never move up, and you have to be #1 on Google to make consistent money, there’s no let’s maybe try to get to #2 or #3. And I’m gonna get to exactly how to do that.

You might have read a lot of places that you need backlinks. Go get some backlinks, join forums and fill out your profile and leave your link, join important sites in your niche and fill out the profiles and leave your link. Get some .edu or .gov backlinks, build your backlinks naturally and Google will respect your site more, and after time your site will rank. Bullshit. Does anyone reading this think, educated or uneducated in SEO somewhat, that some profile links in your niche, from wherever, say you have a fashion blog and go to big sites. Marie Claire, Tootie Fruity, whatever, that over time your couple backlinks from these sites are actually going to rank you #1 on Google. In a couple months, 6 months, a year? And how many are you actually going to get on your own time, going to all these sites that everyone says is the way to get to #1?

If you’ve read this stuff before and you believed it, or ever partook in any forum thread where this was the point, it’s time to realize what I’ve just said is the truth, your going nowhere and just wasting your time, in a year you will be nowhere.

I’m gonna rank my page in two or more months to the first position on Google, you can leave if you want, and you didn’t candy ass get anywhere in a year, the next year ain’t gonna be any better for you. Hopefully you didn’t get any gray hair by then.

Getting Serious Backlinks That Make You Money

You may have heard about companies, any website, that they pay an SEO company thousands of dollars a month to keep their sites ranking on the first page of Google. Yeah it’s true they do and also have a budget for it and profit more from being there.

There are legitimate SEO companies online anyone can use but your not gonna find anything for less than $300, $500, $1,000 a month, you have to keep paying them.

Here’s how we do it, you’re going to have to pay to get your sites to the first position, all the keyword research and article optimization was and always will be necessary, otherwise Google won’t know what your articles are about or respect your site to put your pages on the top of their search engine.

This is what we’re doing, we’re here to make money on Google. Maybe some of you just want some extra income and maybe some of you don’t ever want to work again in your life. Well we’re getting serious here, making a nice blog with thought out keyword research and optimizing our articles, we’re in this to make money professionally and to secure our futures with multiple pages on Google.

There’s a forum called

Black Hat World

Most of you will have heard or understand Black Hat SEO is wrong or the name of it just scares you and you know it’s wrong. Yes they have Black Hat SEO there and also have many different methods of making money legitimately there. Fairly quick, if you joined you’d enjoy seeing all the knowledge there. You could learn anything or ask about anything SEO, the people there know and understand it already and will help educate you.

There’s over a million probably active members there. Many don’t work for a living and their income comes from websites, product review sites, or any other method they have there. The Administration is very knowledgeable in SEO, they all make money with there own sites, have experience and have an understanding of every aspect of SEO.

I’m going to tell you about the Marketplace there and the SEO services that members have available to further you in making money on Google. All which is legitimate SEO, members have had service threads there since 2012 or whenever with 400 pages of positive reviews of people getting on top of Google, making money, and buying the services, some have been buying them for years, everyday. These are guys or girls with teams that have done research on search engines, understand how they work and what is appropriate on the internet to get your site ranked, and Google respects these links that you buy.

There’s been people making money with these services for years on this site, in the #1 position. Don’t question it, listen to the good I’m telling you here. They aren’t buying services here and then Google says nope, we don’t like those links you’re penalized.

There’s three main forums in the Marketplace. Link Building, SEO Packages, And Social Media. You’ve all seen forums where they have a Marketplace. Well here these forums have 4 or 5 pages of new replies everyday of people reviewing the service showing you their #1 positions, of course they all didn’t get there yet, and people replying with their Paypal transaction ID for their latest purchase, because they all know it works. I’m not kidding, everyday, 4 or 5 pages.

To have a sales thread you have to be a paid member, and pay $35 or more to start each thread, and each thread has to be approved by a moderator. You won’t find one thread that you can’t trust, there aren’t just threads of people selling SEO and well maybe it will work. For every service a seller opens, they have to provide a free service, the most expensive service they are offering in that thread, to one of the moderators. The mods receive and monitor the backlinks, anything else provided in the service, and come to a conclusion on how good the service is. Also mention if the URLs they provided to the seller have moved up in rank. They approve the thread and leave a review in the second post.

You Will Not Find Any Site On The Internet Where You Can Buy Services Like This, And As Inexpensive Or That Are Gonna Move Your Site To The First Page

Hundreds of services, they could start at like $100 and cost anything up to $500 or $500 a month. You can’t get that anywhere else on the internet.

OK I’ll tell you about some of the stuff you get. They have their own Private Blog Networks with many domains and blogs, and always making more. An article service will write you 12, 24, or 36 unique articles, just written by their team and post them on their blogs, or other authority blogs, Web 2.0s, and post relevant images or videos sometimes along with the articles. Your keyword along with the URL to your article will be posted. You now have 36 backlinks from sites that have unique relevant articles on high authority blogs Google respects. Not a profile link from some relevant site in your niche, this is obviously good stuff. It costs $150 or so. Depending on your niche, the monthly searches your keyword has, and the competition. Believe it or not, could move your site to #1 in a month, may take longer. But your site maybe didn’t rank in the top 50 but it appeared out of nowhere to the 25th position. Well, get yourself another package and move it up to #1.

Would you seriously mind spending $200, $400, or more if your page could be seen in The First Position On The First Page Of Google Where People May Hit Your Link Everyday And Buy Your Products? Your Page Is Permanently There And You Clear The Money You Spent To Get There And Now You Will Have A Consistent Income Coming In Every Month? It’s guaranteed, it’s Google, it isn’t going anywhere and people will be searching for your keyword forever. It’s that easy.

And they always have discount codes available for their services. 20%, 40% off. I just bought a package last week it was 50% off for a Christmas Special.

Buying Articles Or Reviews

If you can’t write you can buy articles from services here as well, product reviews. $5, $6, $7 an article, get a discount on multiple articles. Well educated writers. Don’t ever buy articles from Fiverr or any site like it, you most likely are gonna get a worthless article or scraped from expired domains full of errors and it might not even make complete sense.

Pay Per Click Advertising

PPC ads from Google Adwords or Bing/Yahoo are an easy way to make almost guaranteed money. You make an ad with a Title, we’re going to be focusing on selling a product here, not to just get people to read your article. Make a sales page with a product description or review, images, all the features the product has. Write a short description of your product in the ad and put some money in your account to buy ads.

These are the ads you see on the top and side of Google and Bing. You only pay when someone actually hits your ad. And the cost depends on the item or items you are selling, you could pay .10 for one hit to your site. $100 and .10 a hit is a thousand people that have searched for your item with the keywords you’ve put into your ad campaign. With intent to buy and have their cards ready. How can you get better than that?

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