10 Best Blogging Forums You Must Join in 2020

Finding best blogging Forums is not an easy job anymore because before writing this article when I search for term blogging Forums in Google, so I did not find any new updated material. Then I researched a little bit and found best blogging Forums which every blogger must join.

By joining these Forums, you will connect with the top world experts who are always available for you to answers your problems and questions so I have compiled a list of ten excellent Forums which I would highly recommend every blogger to join and keep their self-updated with the blogosphere. So here is the list join them and give me feedback in comments that if this article is informative or not.

1. Warrior Forum

Warrior Forum

WarriorForum is the biggest hub of internet marketing and blogging world as top industry peoples such as SEO experts, Affiliate marketing experts, webmasters and top graphics designers are there to make this forum alive, and they also help newbies. You can join this platform and can learn lots of stuff for free, so I must recommend you to join this platform.

2. DigitalPoint

Digital Point

So here is another beast of online world which covers many topics like SEO, Blogging, CPA and making money online items. You can also connect with experts there and increase your network. There you can also buy and sell info products and services which are very cheap comparatively so join this community also.

3. Pro-blogger Community

ProBlogger Community

Now if you want to remain in blogging niche and want to learn more specifically about blogging then, this blogging forum is amazing as it provides vast knowledge targeting only on blogging plus there you can find many tips and tweaks to increase the growth of your blog and can take your blog to next level.

4. Wicked Fire

Wicked Fire

It covers topic such as CPA, PPC and SEO but these all terms are indirectly related to blogging and when you start monetizing your blog, then this particular forum can help you lot Moreover you can learn about other money making modules there so join this forum as well.

5. Clicknewz

Click Newz

If you can afford to pay little fees monthly, then I must say join this forum as well because it is not free and all members inside are experts or, at least, they are not beginners. There you can find many quality discussion in from which you can learn and increase your knowledge in an efficient way.

6. Ask Shoutmeloud

Shout Me Loud

Now this is new start up by Harsh Agarwal, who is the founder of Shoutmeloud. He feels that he should make a platform for his quality readers to help them out in solving their problems and helping them out to connect with each to make their business to next level.

7. Site Point

Site Point

Through this forums you can boost your designing skills and web programming skills because as blogger you have to make your blog user friendly, and you want to make you site look professional and at the same time we want that it does not effect on search engine rankings, So this forum covers all of these topics plus you will find more awesome freebies out there.

8. WordPress Forums

Wordpress Forum

Now maximum of bloggers are blogging on WordPress platform because it is Open-source and it has no limits; you can create every kind of website via using this platform from e-commerce to squeeze pages it provides an awesome experience. And it is user-friendly, search engines friendly as well you can learn it in few days and start creating awesome web pages. If you need any help regarding SEO and WordPress go for this forum.

9. Kinnged


I am sorry that I am adding this forum to number nine as I was thinking that I have added it on 2nd or 3rd because it is a wonderful source of learning and connecting with Professionals. As it covers Blogging, social media, Internet marketing and making money online topics and you can also share you experienced on this platform as well. It is one of the top blogging platforms alive on the internet and helping the community by sharing quality methods and tips. I will recommend you to join this and spend at leas an hour on daily basis.

10. TechDU

TechDu is highly focused on publishing articles related to technology, Digital marketing, Data Science, Education, Product Reviews, Tips and Data Analytics.

I hope you like this amazing list of blogging forums, and I would insist you to join few of them whatever you like and remain active there after few months you will learn enough that you will be writing an article on your blog regarding problems. So by joining you can also come up with new post ideas and can write on your personal blog to get readers and traffic.

One more tip I want to share with you that via joining these forums you can setup your signature linking to your blog, So whenever you will post any query there, you will get high PR dofollow backlink as well.

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