Top Visual Storytelling Trends to Watch Out For In 2019

Visual storytelling is something which is gaining high repute in the market as the next emerging trend to market businesses intrinsically in the circuit. Though it was always in front of us ever since we have started watching television and cinemas, but it just got its meaning revived in last few years, when people analyzed its true potential in the marketing world.

It has now quickly taken the center stage in the business circuit as the top attribute of making brand’s voice wider, as more and more people gets influenced with visual storytelling because of its artistic way of imitation of profound values that gives your business riveting edge among others.

Hence below we have discussed 5 top visual storytelling trends that are rapidly emerging with time, and giving marketers unique ease to outcast their voice with high creativity and ingenuity.

Top Visual Storytelling Trends of 2019:


1. Mini Ads:

With the conventional marketing getting too old to gain competitive advantage in the circuit, people do strive on to find other ways to get their services branded in the market. While with the advent of Visual storytelling recently, the trend of advertising your business with Mini ads is relatively on a high. As marketers do tends to find those traits where they can communicate their message intrinsically without going in the hassles of long hourly explanations.

Mini Ads by TechDu

Hence Mini ads are topping the charts in terms of top visual storytelling trends in 2018, as it gives people to outcast their message in a short yet creative manner which is not only concised but also very effective in giving targeted note to the relevant audience.

2. Customer Oriented Storytelling:

Customer Engagment Key Visuals by TechDu

With the world becoming well connected and thoroughly saturated, it’s better to engage with your customers in order to build further relationships in the business circuit. And making more and more customers means making a huge pool which can give you affiliation to the other networks where you might could not reach with the conventional marketing. Hence customer oriented storytelling is something which works on the customer engagement with the outer world. As more and more your customers gives better response about your company, the more it becomes viable and feasible like U to Ultimate Jackets the outer world, which is what the main aim of customer led storytelling is.

3. Hyper-real storytelling:

Augumented Rality of Pokemon Go by TechDu

Being highly creative is how you can gain riveting advantage in the circuit, and hyper-real storytelling is exclusive all about that. We all know that augmented reality and AI tools have taken a huge leap in the market, and visual storytelling has just got an advantage in regards to that. As now companies are using augmented reality machines to show more than real stories to customers in order to influence them more about their brand and services. Hence this VR technology is certainly playing its part in making visual storytelling a great success in the circuit.

4. Socially Influenced storytelling:

Socially Infused Story Telling by TechDu

Social platform is rated as the best place to engage different people for your business and brand. And now this socialism is been targeted by visual storytelling to engross more customers from the market. Because if you can pitch your business idea with a social cause, then it could give you huge leaps in the market because people are more attracted to the social causes. Hence it is much easier to interact with them on the same social grounds, therefore visual storytelling has found a new way in terms of socially engaging people in 2018 and this trend is all likely to grow more by selling one of the favorite casual assembled Riverdale Jacket.

5. Translucent Storytelling:

While it is also a fact that customers are more leveraged towards those businesses which shows transparency in their systems. As it has always remained one of the basics in the industry that being transparent is what is more suitable to any business despite of having any other trait.

Visual storytelling has also followed the same path and has urged its influencers to craft such storytelling material which resides on the transparent norms and facts. As it attracts customers experience more to come and know the insights of the business and echo their opinions in terms of seeing translucency in the system.

So these were the some top emerging trends of visual storytelling in 2018, and they are more likely to grow more.

As many influencers and other peoples are day by day joining the intrinsic education of professional storytelling these days in order to make their business get added advantage from it.

Hence these trends are likely to grow more in future and will eventually make visual storytelling a huge domain to market products prolifically.

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