Top 10 Tips for Business Growth on Social Media Platforms

According to study, everyone is online. People will spend over 5 yrs. of their lives using Social Media Like 40-50 min on Facebook, 30-40 min on YouTube and 20-30 mins on Instagram, every day on average.

Like a business owner we hardly get a time to be on these platform for longer time. So, I have come with few strategies which can help in the growth of Business. As everyone says you should write high quality content on your business page it will get rank or will get higher traffic. But the question is how to do it? Well, if you want to position your brand you should take a look into what a successful brands are already doing.  

Tips for-Business-Growth-on-SOCIAL-MEDIA-PLATFORM

Top 10 Tips to grow your business on Social Media

  1. You should create 40% of all the content and curate and 60% of all your postings. That helps you to get high quality content and maintain the consistency.
  2. Better than original, you should relevant on shareable content. For Shareable content, go to your competitor timelines and check what kind of content receives more likes and comment. Go back to your timeline and start creating and curating content with those same elements. This helps you increase your credibility
  3. Another strategy, to be present on Social Media Platform. This is the easiest way to talk directly to your customers and you can do without spending any money.
  4. Apart from liking, sharing and commenting and answering content relevant to your brand is better to optimize the time you will spend here.
  5. You can check where yours competitors are. Be present on that platform too. If he is posting on Instagram you should also use that platform too.
  6. Another way to reach relevant audience is to be in industry specific and after defining where to be present and what kind of content you would like to engage with. While engaging with audience you need to maintain the value.
  7. Define your style and principles and stick to them
  8. Maintain consistency on social media platform. If you post pictures 3 times a day then don’t spend 3 weeks without posting anything. Consistency is key here Guidelines set and time to get in to practice.
  9. Another point is Influential Marketing. This is something that will dominate the market in coming years and is the cheapest way to gain scale and. Influential marketing is to use influencers to market your brand and you probably already know some big influencers like Gary Vee and Nathan Allen and few more. These guys are known for publishing great content and have a huge audience and always adding value while they engage. If they share your content it will automatically leverage your visibility to all the audience because their engagement is high and your content will be shared by loads of people. It is also a part of video marketing.
  10. Most importantly you need to identify the real influencers. The engagement is a really better metric to define influence. Once you identify the right people you can try to talk directly to them presenting yourself and your brand. Search their background and tell them why it makes sense for them to interact with you and your brand.

If you are seeking someone help you need to pay for it. Fact is that, organic growth is dying. Platforms like Facebook, twitter and Google have recently updated their apps to prize even more the paid content and even less the non-paid content. That’s means it is harder to gain space in your customer’s timeline. Now you can understand there is no point on spending a lot of money on social media if nobody is going to see. You need to understand before paying you should prepare it.

This was all but just a glimpse into the extremely vast world of Social Media. To know more about the Social Media field or be it any other field related to Digital Marketing, Enroll at Digital Technology Institute, New Delhi and get trained by the best Digital Marketers that the nation has to offer.

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