The Power of Instagram make Businesses Rethink their Strategies

Companies around the world nowadays use many different platforms and tactics to woo their customers. There are many ways in which a company can run its entire operations from a website without having a proper physical office. Take the example of Uber which is the world’s largest ridesharing service and doesn’t have a single car in its fleet or Airbnb which doesn’t have a single room and yet through the service hundreds of thousands of people get rooms and space to live across the globe.

UAE has witnessed a huge increase in recent years concerning the use of a website and social media platforms to take their businesses to the next level. Through hiring a firm that can offer the best web design Dubai to them according to their preference, any company with the will to make a mark in the business world can succeed. And but not just a website can offer you the best chance to make it big in the market. Social media platforms are now the next big thing.

Let me give you an example so that you can know exactly what I am talking about and what you can learn from this example.

Crush the Competition through Apt use of Social Media

Gary V is a renowned name in the world of social media marketing and is a great influencer/digital marketing guru. You can count on his abilities and ambitions and he has set his sights on buying the New York Jets already. He started his foray into a business by becoming a wine critic and grew his family’s wine business from 3 million to 60 million dollars. He has a knack for offering support to his customers by demonstrating them how social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter can make you grow your business to no end.

UAE and the entire Middle East region has taken social media platforms very warm-heartedly and many entrepreneurs and startups are using them to their full advantage. Gary has made sure he offers support to his customers with thinking first about their business, product, competitors and only then figuring out what to do to with their brand.

Instagram is not just for Pretty Teen Girls

I am sure still in the year 2018 some people still think that social media platforms like Instagram are only good for making young teen girls happy as they look for inspiration for their makeup, clothes and just about anything. But companies in the UAE has made sure to use a platform like this in their favor. Take a look at the following stat; at the end of 2016, over 42% of Internet users were using Instagram as compared to just about 24% only two years ago. That’s a huge jump considering world’s Internet population above 3 billion.

There are many ways in which a company can attract a potential customer by harnessing the power of a platform like Instagram. Gone are the days when just the picture was used by people using Instagram. There are now Instagram stories, for example, which can be used for a product and companies can weave around quite a story to make sure anyone having a look at them will be lured to know more about the product.

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Muneeb Qadar is an experienced online marketer and offers his services to companies regardless of their size and nature of work. He works for DubaiMonsters and is associated with the company for over 5 years now. On a personal level, he is passionate about cars and love to go on long drives. Currently, he is in awe of his latest car, a Tesla Model 3, and uses all his pastime in driving all around the city of Dubai. You can get in touch with him for any marketing campaign or assistance in this field.

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