Social Media Trends in 2020

Social media hypes engulfed the present world. Millions of posts circulate every day and people get involved with various social platforms more in numbers every second. The concept of today’s lifestyle, business, interaction, promotion everything has changed drastically after the huge popularity of social media platforms. At the beginning of the new year 2020, we should count on the future following the upcoming trends in social media.

New Train on the platform

We all know about the popular social media platforms available in the domains as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, youtube, twitter, and LinkedIn. These are the major online social stages that have occupied the world. But some new and trendy platforms are also gaining fast popularity.

Tiktok, which came into the race only three years back, already grabbed huge popularity among the users. Twitch is also making a stronghold among the gamer. 

Content Is Curated

Content performs a key role in the world of social media whether you want to post a message, news, slogan, or promotional captions. But the video content is creating more sensation among the users. According to a study, there will be a change to 82% of video content by 2022.

Its time to make a big change in the content strategy as the video content is going to dominate the flow of interactions.

The Next Level

The innovation of new technology will take a pace on social media trends. Augmented Reality(AR) and Virtual Reality(VR) these two AI-based technologies will be introduced in the social media platforms.

Facebook has already created a place called Horizon, a social virtual reality world where people can connect, play and explore.

Marketing Module

Social media becomes an effective and ever-growing place of doing business. Business organizations promote their products to target the customers while the customers do a survey on the same medium and get up to date about any brand. 

In the near future, these business trends will grow to global as more and more people get connected to it breaking the boundaries.

Data Privacy & Fake News

The cases of data breaching in social media have occurred frequently. People get influenced by the tons of fake news circulating on the social platforms. 

In 2020, this generation will surely demand a strict control over the data privacy and the fake contents which can lead people to the wrong path. 

Social media has changed the concept of living a life. We all are connected through it all the time but do we make any initiative to change the world into peace and harmony. In 2020, we should pledge to develop a new social world where our generation will move to a better future