7 Tips for SEO Fashion Brands

The online fashion retail industry is extremely competitive with thousands of fashion ecommerce shops to choose from.

So, how do you stand out from the crowd? It is common for online fashion merchants to think that simply listing all of their products on their website is enough – however, this is not the case!

We are going to look at the top 7 tips for online fashion stores to abide by on their ecommerce store. Follow these rules and you cannot go wrong!

  1. Make sure you have good product descriptions

Many fashion brands ignore this and with no description, or very little description, the chance of the page being in the top 10 is very low.

It is also important that the descriptions are unique as this is better for SEO. The descriptions need to entice people to make a purchase by giving them the answers to all of their questions, e.g.

  • What size is the model wearing?
  • What fabric is it made out of?
  • Care information

This can be a very time consuming task, but if done correctly it is definitely worth the effort!

  1. Non- Unique Titles & Description Tags

Duplicate title tags are often a big issue with online fashion stores. When you sell multiple items from the same brands, or similar items from many brands, you will inevitably repeat the same keywords over and over. Try to ensure that each page has a unique title and description as each page will be selling a different product.

  1. Make Usability a Priority

Make sure that your online store is convenient and useful for customers. The more time people spend on the site and interacting with your content indicates to Google that they are sending them to the right place.

Make it easy for people to purchase products, share with their friends, leave reviews and browse between products. This is especially important on phones & tablets.

  1. Encourage Product Reviews

It is estimated that around 70% of buyers are looking for reviews of products before making a purchase. This could mean that if your fashion ecommerce store has zero reviews then you are missing a large percentage of your audience.

Google encourage the facility for people to be able to easily leave reviews after making a purchase – so ensure this is possible!

Another great thing about product reviews is that it creates unique content for your website with little effort by you.  It keeps the pages active and updated on a regular basis – an obvious plus for your overall SEO efforts.

  1. Do not use Product Descriptions from Manufacturers

If you sell products that you know other online retailers also sell then it might seem like the easiest and quickest way to put product descriptions on the site is by using what the manufacturer supplies. Unfortunately, this is certainly not best for SEO.  The problem being that multiple websites will be using the same content and you are in danger of being penalised by Google for this.

The rule is to always create unique content!

  1. Make sure you optimise product pages based on search demand

Make sure you do some keyword research before you write your product pages, otherwise you may start promoting something that people are not searching for.

For example, you could make a page that has the title tag, H1 heading and image alt tag information optimised for the keyword phrase “brown handbag”, when it would be much wiser to optimise for a more specific keyword phase such as “mulberry brown leather handbag”.

  1. Make sure Google can see your images

Images are key when you have an online fashion store, however, if certain key factors are not considered this makes them invisible.

Image optimisation brings you a new source of traffic from image searches. This service allows users to perform a search just for images and can lead more visitors to your site based on your images – very important for an online fashion store. Ensure that each image has both title and alt tags assigned to them.

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