Improve Your Essay Writing Skills with these Incredible Tips

Do you want to enhance your essay writing skills? Do you end up in a rut of repeating the same strategies and formula every time? If yes, you are in the right place. Academic essay writing in no complex art. Anyone can develop this style of writing. With a few simple tips and knowledge of the basics, you can perk up your essays and steal all the praise from your teachers!

You need to remember the pattern of an academic essay – even if is about something as boring as my research essay on Spectrum Internet in my area. I had to provide a debatable and solid thesis. It has to be then followed by relevant evidence from your own research or some other source. Remembering and applying some of the standard principles will help you write valuable and persuasive essays in no time!

Take advantage of these effective tips:

Create an Outline

Before you start writing, take a few minutes to make an outline about what you are going to write. Briefly go over the arguments in your head, which you are going to discuss. While considering your essay’s constituents, check out the essential elements of an academic essay’s structure:

Grammar, Punctuation, and Style

When it comes to academic essay writing, grammar, punctuation, and style hold great importance. If these things are not taken care of, your research will not be taken seriously. Equip yourself with the understanding of basic grammar. This includes proper article, pronoun usage, verb-subject agreement, and correct sentence structure.

You should also know the proper use of forms of punctuation. Use your commas and periods carefully. If your punctuation is poor, it will give away your lack of understanding of the punctuation rules.

Using the correct voice is also significant. Avoid using passive voice to make the tone of your essay stronger. Use concise language and avoid transition words. You don’t need unnecessary wordiness.

The Right Vocabulary

You know how some words become buzzwords and start trending. But while you are writing an academic essay, you cannot use jargons and words you don’t understand. You need to know the meaning of the words you are using and their right usage. Using correct language is very important in academic essay writing.

The essay writing is all about making a persuasive and intelligent argument. And without knowing the meaning and context, using big vocabulary can result in a bad impression. Instead of being smart, you will end up looking ridiculous. A reader will detect it as being overcompensating in writing.

When you are not sure about the meaning of a particular word, don’t risk using it. Using obscure language will make your argument unclear and you don’t want to do that.

Critically Analyze the Main Argument [with Evidence]

Don’t deviate from the main argument of your academic essay. It may feel tempting to bring in some other interesting side of the topic. But know that it will only make your essay less concise and persuasive.

Stick to the central topic and while giving evidence, always ask yourself how it will support your thesis. If it doesn’t, just exclude it. Make your evidence-evaluating process thorough and critical. To back up your argument effectively, you should only use the strongest research. Make sure everything you include has a clear connection to your argument and topic.

Give Supporting Conclusion

Do you know that the conclusion is perhaps the most overlooked segment of an academic essay! While writing your conclusion, remember you have to leave your reader with a strong impression.

While I was looking up the most common mistakes in my research writing on Spectrum Internet, I realized I tend to restate the intro in the conclusion. Avoid this practice. Since these are closing lines, therefore, they have to tie all your research together and end with proving your thesis. Know that a proper conclusion outlines the discussed evidence in the body quickly. And then you have to link the thesis with the evidence directly to prove or disapprove the argument.

It will be a helpful practice to skim through the conclusions of some great essay papers by other writers. Good luck!

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