Digital marketing is a vast and complex field. Over the past decade, it has evolved considerably and continues to do so on a regular basis. All the innovations of the last years have not survived, and that’s normal. Here are some of the key trends, which are likely to dominate brand strategies in 2019.

Content marketing and inbound marketing

This is the star of the moment, and rightly so: it is terribly effective. It’s actually more of a strategy than a technique itself: the goal is to get the potential customer to find you, rather than advertising. For this, we optimize the content of a website, we offer original and attractive tools, we create blogs or Youtube channels. In short: it provides the end user enough to satisfy his curiosity and arouse his interest. At the same time, these contents, by increasing the surface of your web presence, also contribute to your SEO. By being shareable, snackable , they contribute to your CMO. In return, SEO, SEA and CMO make your content marketing more efficient.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization), or SEO: the essential practice in digital marketing

Optimizing your website so that it ranks high on search engines is an essential aspect of digital marketing. It takes time and requires specific skills but it is very effective. On the other hand, do not expect immediate results: the SEO works on the long run and may take several months to give anything. It is also very dependent on the contents of your site, which may need to be modified or optimized. You can refer my other article about SEO – Beginners SEO Guide for 2019

SMO (Social Media Optimization)

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter … so many potentially huge traffic sources. And even more qualitative that they allow you to target specific demographics, according to their areas of interest, their age, their sex, their CSP, etc. Getting Likes and creating a community of fans to listen to your content is not necessarily difficult if we know how to do it. On the other hand, it’s time-consuming and you should not expect it to pay off immediately. On the other hand, it allows to keep in touch with your potential customers, to take knowledge of their desiderata, to develop your notoriety and your image of brand, etc. All for budgets generally rather controlled. No need, however, to throw yourself into it as long as you

SEA (Search Engine Advertising), or paid search

It’s search engine advertising. Google Adwords is an essential partner, even if there are others. The principle is very simple: make your site appear at the top of the list for searches related to one or more specific keywords. In return, you pay Google (or Bing, or other …) a fixed amount for each click on your link.
This is an extremely effective method, and one that gives immediate results in terms of traffic to your website. On the other hand, the SEA represents considerable budgets and can very quickly cost you very dearly. It is only advisable if your SEO is otherwise impeccable, your site optimized for conversion and your dynamic SMO.

Writing and storytelling are more than ever at the center of marketing strategies

Influence marketing

This practice involves using influencers to promote your products or services. The influencers in question may be bloggers, people who are very active on social media, youtubers, and so on. For example, you can offer them to review your products, buy a sponsored article on their blog, and so on.
Influence marketing can be very effective … as long as you choose the right people and extend the operation over a long period of time: too fast or too coarse, it becomes obvious and distrusts the public. In addition, influencers value their credibility and will often be reluctant to promote products that are too far from their heart of speech or target. Finally, it should be noted that the purchase of fans is a common practice: the amount of followers is not the only criterion to take into account.


This practice can be seen as a corollary to marketing influence. Affiliation is to promote your product to the public through articles or content on third-party sites. It can manifest itself in several ways: paying a commission on sales from visits from the third party site, offering vouchers or discounts to readers, and so on. Again, it’s about playing on the reputation and influence of the third-party site. Affiliation is an effective method in B2C, especially with a targeted audience and for specialized products.

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