Beginners seo guide for 2019 – Important SEO Tips and Tricks

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the method that helps out in improving the ranks of various sites with search engines using various strategies and tactics. Nowadays, with the internet becoming a rage among the people, there is a large number of websites being opened every day. With so many sites it sometimes becomes impossible for people to know which sites are the best. Hence, with SEO one can be able to find the best sites available.

What is SEO

SEO comes from the term “Search Engine Optimization”, which means the method or procedure that makes our website for you. SEO serves as an internet marketing strategy through which one can know which of the sites are to look out for, how do the search engine functions, what is their importance and what do people prefer to use in the internet. Those people who carry out to work on these SEOs are called as Search Engine Optimizers. They perform their work either independently or work towards providing services as a part of a plan and hence, promoting internet marketing all over. SEO works on the basis of written text. When one writes a text then all the available information and sites are provided which have the related information regarding the text.

SEO works for providing the appropriate information to the people. Whether it be in the case of news search, images or videos and even books, all this are provided by the Search Engine Optimization. One just needs to write the required text that one needs to find and the pages will be provided which would have the links to the sites where one can get the information. Hence, all these things are important to know about SEO and one should know its importance in our daily life.

Why? Must do SEO

why? Why do SEO or SEO work? Usually our website Must apply various techniques to apply So that it is desirable for the search engine, ie Onpage, but that is only part of making the search engine attracted to our website Another part is SEO. The benefits of SEO are

  • In order for our website to be on page 1 of the search engine
  • Make our website more known to others More people entering the website
  • Of course, if we are an e-commerce or e-marketing website, we will be able to sell more products or services.
  • It helps save the cost of advertising our website that needs to pay advertising from other places.
  • Because searching for information through Search Engine has reached 81%, so we have to make people know our website as much as possible.
  • To develop the website Which is not us who enters the website, but must come from a real visitor click
  • It can be seen that the benefits of SEO are many. But would like to leave a bit if the website is in the top of the search engine and we should make it a useful and useful website for users. In order to prevent search engines from storing our websites, put them in the room and lock them.

Creative SEO : Think outside the box

SEO has fast evolved from a secret society of people who work on keyword density ad other terms to a skill and art that almost anyone can learn these days. If you have any experience with SEO techniques, you must know that it takes a decent amount of creativity to come up with particular keywords. There is a large amount of science and reverse engineering involved in the SEO techniques.

This is where thinking out of the box will really come in handy. The techniques that work for one site might not work for the other. If you work for an SEO services company, you will need to figure out the methods that will work for a particular client to get him the maximum traffic.

SEO is no longer just about opening up a Google or Yahoo search box and entering the main keyword. It is now a process of being able to target the maximum traffic to your site using the search engine tools. Traditional SEO firm techniques like blog posts and advertisements might work just fine. But if you want to really succeed, you must learn to accept new techniques such as using social media and other creative tools to increase your site’s traffic.

How to do SEO and Beyond

How to do SEO (search engine optimization) is indispensable for businesses that are in the online world every time. Google will develop itself. To avoid websites that do search engine optimization because it can be seen why sometimes our ranking is changing Even if it is done in the same format as SEO . The rate of change is very high. To make the ranking stable, must have a good quality backlink. And not from the same source If asked if the backlink is good, how is the quality?

  • Finding a website with a web concept similar to our website
  • Choose with page rank value (pr)
  • Choose different ip if different class can be better
  • If there is a lot of people entering that website Will be a way to promote the website with built-in
  • The number of indexes on the google page. The higher the number, the better (bot runs).
  • The web is old, open for a long time.
  • The content on the web is created from natural writing. Freshness of the article
  • Choose to stick in the right time. Do not be impatient. Slowly stick.
  • About this now, I can’t imagine anything else. For the definition of the word quality admin will explain according to understanding as a guide for those in need. Make the website next to the first page They may not be all right. But the admin has already worked

I promise, We will discuss all the above points in details in this article.

On Page Optimization Of Your Website or On Page SEO Optimization

So if you want to take a superior position in SERP then you need to follow effective SEO strategies. On-page optimization is considered to be the primary step of search engine optimization. Here are the 7 important techniques to do in On page SEO optimization.

  • Do Proper Keyword Research
  • Add Catchy Title Tag
  • Add Relevant Meta Description
  • Add Header Tags
  • Add Optimized Content
  • Add Internal Links
  • Add Optimized Image

If you overlook on-page optimization techniques then you can’t get a good placement in search results. Here I would give you complete details of on-page optimization techniques which you must follow in order to get the top position on Google search results.

Do Proper Keyword Research:

Are you aware of the term keyword brainstorming? Keyword brainstorming is the first and the most important step in SEO. You need to identify the potential keywords for your business that will help to enhance your business. Think from the user point of view that what can be the effective keywords for your business. You need to examine the terms your potential customers will be using in order to discover your business. You can use Google keyword planner or other free tools available online to identify the list of keywords that you will be targeting. Don’t choose keywords with high competition it is very difficult to bring those highly competitive keywords in ranking. ‘Competitor analyses will also provide you an idea about the keywords your competitors are using. Make a list of the top ten competitors within your niche and checkout what type of keywords they are utilizing for their business. You can also target long tail keywords. It is not only easy to get rank with long tail keywords but also you can generate potential customers with those keywords.

Add Catchy Title Tag:

Title tag is the first thing that grasps visitor’s attention whenever your site display in SERP. You need to write unique title tag for each page of your website. It should be relevant to your business. Don’t make your title tag too long to understand. Rather keep it short but make sure it reveals what your page is all about. To make a good position in search engine results page you need to write appealing title tag for each page of your website. Put your targeted keywords within the title tag. Your title tag should reveal what your page actually contains so try to make it eye-catchy. If you are providing SEO Services worldwide then you can utilize SEO services within your title tag. Don’t overstuff your title tag with too many keywords otherwise it will be considered as spam. Write a user-friendly title tag and make the visitors happy. If you can satisfy your visitors, search engines will automatically improve your ranking in SERP. You can customize your title tag by adding phone number within it. It will insist the visitors to take desired actions. You can apply this trick while writing an appealing title tag for your website.

Add Relevant Meta Description:

Meta description gets display in SERP whenever your site appears in search results. So you can’t ignore its importance. An eye-catchy Meta description can enhance your CTR. Meta description should be relevant to the services or products your business offers. Each page should contain unique Meta tags. Make proper utilization of keywords within the Meta description of your website. Research states that if your Meta description contain those terms which your visitors might be using then it is easy to gain the trust of your visitors. Try to write your Meta description within 160 characters. In order to stand out of the competition you need to do something unique. You can grasp visitor’s attention by highlighting the benefits your visitors will be getting if they avail your services or products. Use this small piece of text as your powerful marketing tool. Include your selling points within your description. If you not got the opportunity to include your phone number within your title tag then you can include your number within your description. This will help the visitors to directly contact you rather than going through all the details of your website.

Add Header Tags:

Make proper utilization of h1, h2 and h3 tags. Search engines give special importance to the text within your h1 tags. So you can include your page title within your h1 tag. Don’t forget to include your targeted keywords within your header tags. You can use h2 or h3 tags for the sub headings. Header tags make your content more organized and user-friendly.

Add Optimized Content:

Content is considered to be the king. So you need to add high quality content on your website. You need to optimize your content so that it can meet the requirement of both search engines and your targeted visitors. Make proper use of keywords within your content but make sure it doesn’t hurt the natural flow of your content. Keyword stuffing makes your content spammy and unreadable which in turn can drive away audience from your website. You can utilize synonyms to maintain the balance. Google hates keyword stuffing and to stop this practice they are taking necessary steps. If you want your website to ranking high in SERP then always have moderate keyword density i.e. not more than 2%.

Add Internal Links:

A good internal linking structure can reduce your bounce rate dramatically. Don’t hyperlink generic terms like ‘click here’ for internal linking rather link your old articles with the new one by making use of targeted anchor text. Optimize your internal link structure so that visitors don’t get confused after landing to your website. Internal linking also helps to pass the link juice to other inner pages which are very important in terms of SEO. Before adding any link to a page make sure that link is relevant to that page otherwise Google or other top search engines will considered it as spam.

Add Optimized Image:

Search engines can’t read images so you need to help them out by adding alt text for your images. Describe your images by adding relevant alt text for your images. Always save our images with meaningful file name. Don’t forget to add image title tag. Image title tag gets display whenever a user keeps his mouse over the image. In order to optimize your image add a good file name along with relevant alt text and title tag. This will help search engines to understand that the images you added are relevant to your content.

SEO by using Anchor Text onpage adjustment

Anchor Text is to make Onpage SEO one of our websites which is also important. The way to do this is to select the keywords and make them suitable for the webpage that we will link to. The keywords that we choose are SEO. In Anchor Text, we have to choose links that go out to pages that are related to SEO . We have to put the code in this link.

<a href=””> Your Anchor Text </a>

Done. Try testing by dragging the mouse through our Anchor Text. See the link that we put. With There are many people who doubt that the Anchor Text is the same as Textlink? We think it’s similar. But different in the installation location And being presented because most of the Anchor Text is in the article and will be scrolled down in front When there is a new article, but the textlink will show every page (Oh !! This must be based on whether the website that is attached to him, showing all pages or not) and Textlink also affect the ranking in Google. But the anchor text is good. But don’t make it so much that the good articles become spam.

Off Page SEO Techniques

Off page SEO is a very important thing when it comes to the techniques used in search engine optimization. This is helpful in bringing organic traffic which is the traffic that comes through search engines. The conversion ratio of these visitors to buyers is very high and this has been proved time and again. This is the reason why this traffic is very important for any website.

When it comes to off page SEO, backlinks are a very important part of this. The number of visitors goes down if there are no backlinks. These also increase the ranking of a website on the search engines. When links are placed on websites which have a high page ranking, Google gives more credit to it and thus, when placing backlinks one has to be sure and careful with the choice of websites.

One can use tools like link popularity to see the rankings of their site and accordingly use strategies to increase it. the higher the link popularity is the higher will be the rank of the page, and this will help them get more organic traffic. One needs to ensure that they have informative and unique content on the website as this is the best and the most essential thing for off page SEO techniques. More and more people like to link to the website, if they find good content on the website. Article marketing is also another very important technique that one can use for off page SEO. Links of the website can be placed in the articles, which will be helpful in getting more and more traffic to the website and help in increasing sales.

How to Create And Maintain an Off Site Seo Link Building Strategy

I am going to hit you right between the eyes with another stirring dialogue, this time on the premises of external link building. In my last note, I talked about SEO on site for the most part, the model of your site mapping and internal SEO can be made very uncomplicated, merely by using WordPress as your Content Management System,, then adjusting the permalinks in your admin panels settings tab, after which you set up either All in One SEO or Platinum SEO from the plugin tab, along with a few other wordpress plugins that are the topic of another article, and you don’t have to worry about your onpage structure again. Even though this simplicity of on site SEO is not available in every CMS, documentation for the creation of on page optimization is available for every content management system. Now that we have clarified the above issues, it is time to direct our attention to the more time consuming question of External SEO, after which I will provide some information about individual methodologies for link building. The topic is just about as exciting as it sounds, however, just as with internal link structuring and on page optimization, you must not reduce your enthusiasm when addressing the topic of external link building, you must have a basic business strategy, or the highly desired continual stream of organic search engine generated visitors will not materialize.

Opinions about External Link building are as varied as the number of SEO “guru’s”, and the fact of the matter is that there is validity in many different methods of linkbuilding strategy, I would not restrict myself, I would utilize every technique known as viable, while prioritizing my efforts to the most effective techniques,. I have gone to the source documents of several famous SEO authors, I have gotten a hold of video tutorial and audio courses with pdf transcription, to learn techniques, which has yielded a strategy that is producing good results.. One point I would like to make at this juncture, is that while all of the “free” traffic generation methods we will address have merit in documented success, you must be certain that the sites where you place your website anchor text on have a degree of quality, or you may be penalized by Google, as they tend to frown on sites that are linked to low quality sites. The whole concept of your linking strategy may be compromised by linking to junk sites, having your web site amidst a jungle of spam websites is no more appealing than building your house in the worst of drug infested ghettos.

I have a tendency to place emphasis on certain techniques I feel qualified to exploit, and that I know are currently yielding results,. It is certain that these procedures take a bit of time,, and given money over time, the likelihood is that I would outsource several of the more mind numbing tasks, but resource guidelines are as individual as the scope of creators online at this point in time, point being, you have to build links no matter what resources have to be spent, That being said here is a list of 24 techniques, by no means am I claiming it to be all inclusive, that you need to consider when you outline your link building strategy.

  • Authority site commenting
  • Blog Commenting
  • Forum commenting
  • Guest authoring,
  • Yahoo answers,
  • .edu and .gov commenting
  • Article directories
  • web directories
  • Social bookmarking
  • PDF directories
  • Press release directories
  • Video Directories
  • PowerPoint directories
  • Podcast directories
  • Web 2.0
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkdIn
  • Hub pages
  • Link Baiting
  • Contest Creation

I recommend that you implement a strategy which includes all of the  above referenced categories, you will be able to cross your work over  some categories. Once you have completed the task of socially bookmarking a site, the only thing you have to do will be to socially bookmark the newly created pages as they come on line, and the links will stay with the domain for as long as its active, and perhaps longer. Other of these techniques will lend themselves to cross purpose as well. For example, having written an article, you can transform it into a pdf, a podcast and a video.

SEO Tips to Improve Website Ranking

Having a webpage is a common thing today. With numerous advantages, websites are quite a popular technique in the world of internet. But with a large number of people adopting this technique, the competition has also increased. There are many websites that provide information about a same topic. This makes one’s survival even more difficult. The good content, representation and many other ideas can go waste if the Search engine optimisation (SEO) technique is left unimplemented in this sphere.

To get your website in the top rankings, SEO is the best option to pick. It helps in increasing the popularity and visibility of your website among many online users. Some of the tips that can be included while designing a web page include:

Use of keywords: One must be able to analyse the expectations of the browsers. Generally, the users always wish to have an easy access to the information. So, a webpage must contain the relevant keywords. This will help the users in getting the desired results in less time. Also, the usage of the keywords in a webpage should be limited.

Back-links: when you want to increase the popularity of your webpage, you also need to connect yourself to some of the other good sites. The presence of some web links on your webpage can undoubtedly increase the rank of your webpage.

Simplicity of the webpage: the users’ ultimate aim is always to get the information from a webpage. So, excessive use of flash objects and unnecessary quotations can distract and irritate your customers. Hence, an information oriented webpage should be your goal.

White Hat SEO Techniques

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is considered to be very important if one wants to earn quick money online. There are several SEO techniques that help in making this to happen. White hat SEO techniques are such which are very useful in long term purposes.

First of all try to make a well structured website. One should make the website with proper headings and sub-headings and all the pages should be appropriately built so that one is able to go through the pages and understand everything easily. It should not seem difficult to the customers and hence, this will help one to earn money quickly.

Try to make the description of the sites carefully with certain keywords being provided that will eventually help in describing one’s site. This will ensure that there is no kind of problems regarding the matter. Using the appropriate keywords and with a short description will ensure that people know about the site and what it contains. One can also use Meta tags for the pages.

This will ensure that the pages do not get mixed up and the contents are correctly defined. The keywords should be meaningful and one should research well for them. One should remember not to fill up the pages with keywords and Meta tags.

One more important and the main thing are the contents. One should have the finest available content on their sites. The contents with the articles and research should be well done and original. It should cover all the necessary details and should have appropriate headings and details. Thus, with these White Hat SEO Techniques one can be sure of getting success in internet marketing services.

Important Ethical SEO Techniques

As SEO experts are becoming smarter and smarter these days, so do the search engines. SE change their algorithms quite frequently, so being an SEO expert, you have to research, learn, test and refine your strategies.

When doing optimization of a particular website, there are few things that must be taken care of like:

Before doing anything, always have your targeted keywords list handy. Try to research and find as targeted and buying keywords to get maximum traffic and leads.

Pay attention to your title tag, as it’s a best practice to include your most targeted keywords in the title tag of your webpage, so that only by going through your title, your readers and search engines would know what your page is all about.

Also, if possible, make sure that your website URL has your targeted keywords in it. There is no theory to back up this claim, but studies have shown that it helps to attain search engine rankings.

To make sure that all the pages of your website must be crawled as soon as possible, then give a way to search engine spiders to do so through sitemap.

Last but not the least, if you would like to build a strong readership, it can only be possible to have your own blog. As you update your blog frequently, you have more reasons to invite web crawlers and if you’re doing nice job by writing targeting search engines and your readers both, you would have a better chance of being ranked for your targeted keyphrases.

In fact, in this article, I’ve just touch the base; there are many-many more things you’ve to do right, in order to get the top rankings.

What Does It Mean to “Keep Up With SEO”?

A client asked me this recently and it’s a fantastic question! After we optimize a client’s website, I’ll always say that it’s important to keep up with SEO even after launch. Simply put, things change online so quickly that it’s imperative you – and your website, blog, social media presence, etc. – keep up.

So….how can you keep up with SEO without becoming overwhelmed?

Check your GA monthly.

Set up your Google Analytics so that you get monthly reports emailed to you directly. Pay specific attention to the keywords visitors use when they come to your website; are they the same ones you optimized for? Are you even seeing the keywords you optimized for in the list? If you’re still not seeing the keywords you optimized your website for 6 months after you did initial SEO, go back and rework things.

Do keyword research annually or even bi-annually.

Google and the search engines change, and so do what your visitors are searching for. By updating your keyword list at least once a year, you’ll be sure to optimize for all of the keywords your audience is using.

Blog and use social media regularly to drive traffic.

Pay close attention to “hot” keywords and phrases your audience will be searching for depending on the season or time of year and incorporate them in the content you create. Blog Posts can be especially helpful, as you can create content quickly around a hot, new subject and almost instantly have a blogpost show up on Google.

Branded Search Terms: The SEO Kiss of Death?

Have you ever checked out the keywords in your Google Analytics only to find that the top 10 search queries are all different variations of the name of your business? It’s ok. It happens to every business.

What does it mean?

Unless you have an incredibly general business name, people shouldn’t have a hard time finding you online. Even though you certainly want people to be searching for your business name online, I would argue that you also want to be found via search terms from people who don’t know you exist as well.

Ok, so how do I fix it?

There are a ton of things you can do to help your website start ranking for non-branded search terms. Here are just a few to get you started:

Optimize your website. Make sure that your non-branded keywords are used throughout your title tags, headers, copy, and links.
Start blogging. Blogging is a simple and easy way to optimize for very targeted keyword phrases. The part most people forget? Regardless of whether or not your blog lives on your website or on its own domain, make sure that you link to pages on your website as they apply – and be sure the links themselves use your non-branded keywords.

Go local. If your business is local, make sure that its categories include your non-branded keywords. Most local search engines (like Google Places) allow you to apply at least five categories to your business listing.

What is SEO and SEM ?

Even if advertising focuses on SEM function, it is true that SEO permits to navigators to find easily what they look for. Given that the function of SEO is to get a better position in the results of search engines, the creator must permanently optimize his site, in order to meet the navigators’ necessities. He must also facilitate the work of indexation robots of the engines because the latter ones must appreciate if the contents of the site is pertinent compared to the terms searched.

The optimization is not an easy task. It supposes the regulate restructuring of the site in order to adapt rapidly to the changes of the requirements of the navigator and / or of the engines algorithms.

SEO and SEM, even if they are different, they can work well together. The success of the SEO and SEM is based on the words or the context which the navigators notice each time when they search the internet. As far as SEM is concerned, let’s consider for example the sponsored links. The PPC is an AD which is activated by a word or an expression used by a navigator. When a word or a special expression are searched, a corresponding PPC announce is displayed. SEO functions in the same way. The creator defines a specific key word or an expression in its specific HTML code, which he thinks that it is used by the majority of the navigators who look for some information, information which may be included in the site.

Is it a good Idea to use SEO for your business ?

Finally it is time to make sure that what you had planned all along is going to pay dividends for your business. For this you need to concentrate on your internet marketing activities, specifically search engine optimization (SEO). The way a search engine reacts to the site could mean the difference between success and failure for your online presence. Ways to become the market leader begin with good methodology and SEO can really help a lot when done properly. You could scour hundreds of companies and they will all give you the same kind of gimmicks and the bags of tricks because most of the search engines work in the same manner.

There are hundreds of factors with the search engines algorithms, and they depend on many metrics including:

  • Click rate
  • Number of page views
  • Links
  • Backlinks
  • Attractiveness of the web page
  • The number of useful social media applications used
  • Time spent on site

When looking for a SEO company or vendor, make sure to ask to see sample projects so you can see if they were able to improve their clients keyword rankings. More importantly, make sure you check the backlinks of those ranking projects to make sure that only ethical link building practices were implemented. There are many SEO providers out there, but not many can actually deliver on REAL, search engine friendly results. Simply enter in some industry specific terms like SEO expert or SEO consultant and see who appears at the top for those competitive terms.

Depending on the kind of web page you are trying to develop, you will probably need someone with experience, so make sure to do your research and find a good SEO agency or freelancer. Once you’ve decided on your SEO provider make sure your website is up to date and search engine friendly. Look at key on page metrics to make sure that your visitors are engaging with your site effectively, because there is no point investing into SEO or even PPC for that matter if you don’t have a well converting website!

Best Way to Start Your SEO Campaign

I receive so many questions about how to start an SEO campaign? Where to start my SEO campaign? Some of the people already own a website and they wanted to start SEO campaign to get the desired results for their web business. You might get a lot of suggestions hire an SEO company or a freelancer to start. And if you have some knowledge about SEO and you want to do it yourself, just keep the simple points in your mind. Even you do not have to hire expensive SEO companies to do optimization on your websites, but if you have a good budget hire a good SEO.

Keep it Simple: KISS SEO

When you start doing optimization do not go for big things, if you start with simple tasks first it would be very helpful. In other words, use the KISS formula to keep everything simple, some of the companies create some aggressive campaigns or some campaign which require extra; they are actually trying to get a customer.

Research Your Keywords

First of all research your keywords, what is your niche? If you have purchased the domain or you have a website already, look for your niche and keywords. Use some tools to research the keywords Google AdWords tools is best and you can also use Google Trends to see the search popularity. If you are purchasing a domain, go for keyword rich domain after defining your keywords.

Set 301 Permanent Redirect

If you are moving to a new domain set a 301 permanent redirect on your old domain, it will help you to keep the rankings. If you use 301 permanent redirect it is Google friendly and start link building on new domain. You can also set a 301 redirect on some of the keyword rich domains as well to get the advantage.

Set the Title and Description

If you have decided the keywords and domain name for your website, it is the time to set them properly on your website. The title of your website is the first thing that crawler read and it is the most important thing to rank good if you use keywords wisely. If you set up your home page title with your keywords it will help you rank good. For example, you can use “Primary Keyword — Your Company Name,” it will be a good combination.

The second most important part is the description of your website, Google show the description as a snippet in search results. Using a unique Meta description for each page can help you rank better in search engines. If you use the same keyword which was used in title can help you rank good.

Use Unique and Fresh Content

Search engines love unique and fresh content, if you want to rank high always use good content for your website. Your home page should have the relevant content and it should be 500 words long. If your content is too short, it might not be attractive do not use too long or too short content on each page.

Start Getting Good Back Links

When you start your link building campaign try to build links on good websites with high page rank. If you get a link back from a high pr page it will be good, but make sure all links are do follow. Use your keywords wisely in anchor text while doing link building, so that you get rankings with those keywords.

Set Robots.txt File

It is not necessary to have robots.txt file, but if you set up a robots.txt file it will help the old crawlers to search your website. Check for any errors in the file before you upload it your server; it will help you get more crawlers on your website.

Monitor Website and Rankings

After setting up all the things, install Google Analytics or any other tracking tool to monitor your website statistics and rankings. You can focus on things where you are getting most of your traffic. If you do everything right you will get the good rankings in a few months.

These tips will surely help you in starting your own SEO campaign if you do all the things step-by-step and keeping in mind the KISS formula, you will get good rankings. You do not need to go ahead on something else if you follow proper guidelines.

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