Social Media and SEO: A comprehensive guide

Most online website assessment tools, such as Quicksprout and Nibbler, assess social media performance as part of determining your website’s SEO score.


This is not unusual as there is a close relationship between social media and SEO.

Google search results now often display results from social networks, so if you’re serious about your search visibility you need to integrate social media into your SEO strategy.

10 reasons to integrate social media into your SEO:

  1. When you share a link on social media if it has high engagement it can boost your SEO and help search rank.
  2. Social media profiles also rank in search engines. If your website is consumer/product oriented its vital these look good and give a positive impression.
  3. Social media channels are search engines as well. For example, many people often tweet ‘Looking for a printer/plumber etc’ by including these in your twitter bio you can increase your chances of leads/sales from social media.
  4. You can reach more people by growing your follower base, this also helps increase search visibility. However, don’t buy followers, as this will only reflect poorly on your engagement numbers.
  5. Using keywords in your social media posts can increase search relevancy and help you get seen by more customers.
  6. Use Google My Business to create a local listing, this will further increase search visibility. Optimise the description with the who, what and why of your business to ensure that this looks good in search and communicates clearly.
  7. Especially if you are a new company, Social Media can help improve the human factor and instil trust among customers.
  8. An engaged social community translates to more loyal consumers.
  9. If you have authority on Social Media, it boosts domain authority
  10. Google+ can still be helpful so make sure you show it a little love.

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