Planning Campaigns in Google AdWords


  1. Plan out the campaign first – don’t just rush headlong into setting it up in AdWords
  2. You need to understand the objectives of the campaign and what the optimum account structure will be
  3. Get an understanding of the landing pages as this will help with account structure
  4. Identify keywords from the landing pages first and cross reference with adwords keyword planner – if the primary keywords are not on the landing pages a request to the client that they should align the page with expected primary search terms for best results


  • Name the campaign with common sense and in a structured way
  • If the request is for a search campaign always select ‘Search Network only – All Features’
  • If the campaign is not device specific, make sure all devices is selected
  • Select targeted locations
  • In location options, if targeting a specific geo, select ‘target People in my targeted location’
  • Set nominal daily budget and nominal max cpc if required.
  • Set delivery method to ‘Standard’ – we can change this later
  • Set ad delivery to ‘optimise for clicks’
  • PAUSE THE CAMPAIGN as soon as you can before you continue to optimise

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