How to increase your blog’s CTR in Few Simple Steps

How many ads have you run on Facebook and how many of them have actually given you your desired result? You need to learn how to increase the CTR of your blog if you want to get a blog that converts.

Post title is the first thing visitors look at before making the decision to read the post or not. A wack post title will give you wackier traffic. Creating a eye-catching post is very important if you want to continue using Facebook ads. Make sure your title is As Short and Detailed as Possible (ASADAP). This way, your reader will know what the post is about and will want top check it out.

This is where the MAVTAN technique becomes useful. This method is best suitable for creating sharable eye-catching posts. It is a bit more complicated than the Harry Potter method so please pay attention. You can learn about the Harry Potter method here.

Firstly, you need to refresh your brain to the days of your primary school English and identify some parts of speech.

MAVTAN is simply an acronym:

  • M – Magnet
  • A – Amount
  • V – Verb
  • T – Time
  • A – Adjective
  • N – Noun

Are you getting confused? let me break it down for you. This method involves adding the above mentioned tools into your posts title.


This is usually at the end of the post title or directly at the beginning. It is not necessarily what attracts the reader rather; it is what drags the viewer to click the post. Examples of good magnets are:

  • No 4 will blow your mind
  • Ladies! Get in here:….
  • Unbelievable…
  • You won’t believe…..

The first and last are always at the end of the post title. After the reader reads a normal title, there is every possibility that he has seen that title somewhere before so why does he need to read yours?

So how do you make him read yours? By making him think he has never read one important part.

The second and third magnets are good for gossip blogs and lifestyle blogs. The are added at the beginning of the title. An example of each magnet type is shown below:

  • Top 5 best………… No 3 will leave you scarred for life.(Now everyone will want to know what number 3 is even if they have read that exact post elsewhere or on your blog.
  • Ladies! Get in here. You must………….
  • Unbelievable! Man does this………

Your magnet alone is enough to get you 100 shares on that single post.

You are familiar with what a noun and an adjective is. So how do you use the MAVTAN technique?

This technique is best suitable and more advantageous for wild thinkers – people who can think out if the box. Wherever you are, you MST be able to come up with a post that will get almost everybody’s attention. That’s why you are a blogger.

Here are the basic steps to go about it:

  • Think of a keyword (let’s say “content marketing techniques”). Write down that keyword on pad or book
  • Insert an amount into that keyword – 5 content marketing.
  • Insert a verb – 5 content marketing – use
  • Insert a time interval (optional) – 5 content marketing use – 2018
  • Insert an adjective – 5 content marketing use 2018 – badly
  • Insert a noun – 5 content marketing use 2018 badly – bloggers.
  • Now use your magnet – 5 content marketing techniques use – 2018 badly bloggers. “You are guilty of no 4”.

Does this make any sense to you? Not at all!

Don’t worry; you will get surprised right now. I think you now have a full idea of what your post will be about. If you rearrange this post right, you will get

“5 content marketing techniques bloggers use badly in 2018. You are guilty of no 4.”

Isn’t that a post worthy of reading? What am I guilty of? Which techniques am I using? Those are the questions you leave the visitor asking. The fore, he has no other choice than to read your post.

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