Household Services Industry: What are the Benefits?

Hardly two and half decades ago there was the unorganised household service sector. There was a major miscommunication between the consumers which wanted services and the skilled service professionals who offered services. The result, consumers got dissatisfied with the end results and service prices. But came 2010, and a new service industry came to the fore, that was the household services industry. E-Commerce had gained popularity. A new wave of entrepreneurs began to appear in the market. Their concept was simple. A new toothbrush or apparel can get delivered to the customer at doorstep. So, why can’t the same concept get applied to household services? For example, painting, repair of electronic appliances and more. This led to the concept of household services industry. With the help of a website or app, consumers can opt for more than 30 plus doorstep household services.

How Did The Household Services Industry Gain Popularity

What is the Concept?

Let us imagine, you are a householder in a prominent city (any part of the globe). You and your wife are working professionals. The children go to prestigious schools. Being a nuclear family, there is very little time to stay at home. Now, the washbasin in the kitchen has got a leak and has to get fixed.

Being a professional with no time, you no doubt have the money to pay for the services. But there is no way to reach a plumbing professional. So, you face these kinds of challenges:

  • You may have to depend on recommendations or referrals by friends/colleagues
  • You may have to search for plumbers on listing websites, local directories
  • Then you may have to take down their number
  • Call them, get their appointment, make them come to your home at a specific time.
  • The plumbing job is not rocket science, but there is no way to check if the job has got completed to the T.
  • The charges. You may have no information about the charges. The idea is to just pay what the plumber you selected asks for.
  • If there is a need for parts replacement, you have to bite your teeth and let the plumber bring in his own spare parts.
  • He may be a professional, but you still will have doubts about making a new person enter your living space.

Now, let us look at the challenges:

You cannot take a leave from the office to fix a leakage in the washbasin. Also, there is no guarantee that the plumber who promised to come at a specific time will come.


Unorganised Sector:

This is a simple example when it comes to household services. You can get many examples of other services. Example – painting, carpentry, electricians etc. But with household services industry, you can breathe a sigh of relief.


Challenges for the Household Services Industry

Household Services Industry: What are the Benefits?

Booking a Service – You do not have to search for any service providers. The companies offering household services would already have a list of companies /professionals on their customer care database. So, you need to go to their website, or download their app. The booking of service will take a minimum of four minutes.

Verified Professionals – In the DIY method, there is hardly a way to check the skills and capabilities of the professional. But with companies offering doorstep household services, they check the skills, credentials of the companies/professionals before including their name in the database. So, you as a customer can get only the best services.

Charges – You may opt for any type of service such as appliance repair or document based services such as passport services or rental agreement. But, there is hardly a chance, you may get to know the charges. The companies offering household services will have a strict policy where the service providers will charge as per the market rates.

Timing – Unlike the old method, you may opt for the services anytime, any day of the week. After you book a service, you can have a talk with the concerned service provider. You can also get to know the approximate charges. You can check on your own, if you have doubts. However, you will get to know the exact charges, only after the service provider conducts an inspection. He needs to know your needs and the service requirements to make the perfect bill.

Challenges for the Household Services Industry

You can find various companies in the market offering services. The consumers loved the concept and have welcomed it with open arms. But, there lies the challenge of selecting proper service providers.

The websites offering household services will have to ensure that the service providers give high quality services to the consumers.


How Did The Household Services Industry Gain Popularity?

Two factors assume prime importance. Responsive design interface in websites and mobiles. Came 2016, which came to be called as the year of apps. It was in this year, that every SME wanted to have an app for the target audience. The companies offering household services followed the trend. They designed their website to be mobile responsive.

E-Commerce industry hit the billion landmark profit in 2016. With consumers opting to go for online purchase, it was only a matter of time, when they opted to book household services via mobile.

The on-demand services offer and busy lifestyle helped make the household services industry become a billion dollar profitable venture within a span of five years across the globe.

Plenty of Options

Let us imagine you need an electrician to work for your office on the weekend. Now, there is a popular household service website that has electrician services on its platform. On Friday, you book the service via the company app. You select the electrician service, and get lots of options. You get to view at least five electrician profiles who stay near to your office. Listed are the names of the professional, their years in the industry, their charges by the hour, the ratings given by the customer etc. So, based on these factors, you can easily book an electrician.

After you select the profile, the electrician (you selected) gets a message. That is when the customer care of the household service company also gets an acknowledgement. You may receive a call either from the electrician or the customer care to know about your requirements.

You can decide the time, the electrician may visit your office to get the job done. After the task, the charges will be at the best rates of the market. You can make a payment directly to the electrician or to the company app. Easy does the job get completed, right?

Communication Channels

With the increase of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, you can make use of these platforms to have the customer care of a household service company give a call. For example, you need an interior decoration service. You are in Facebook. By luck, you have chanced upon the page of a popular company offering household services in the same sector. You post a request stating that you want an interior decoration service for your home. Within 24 hours, you will get a call from the customer care department of the company to know about your need.


Popular Household Services List:

Repair Services:

  1. Bike repair services
  2. Sofa repair/washing and maintenance services
  3. Washing machine repair and maintenance services
  4. Refrigerator repair and maintenance services
  5. AC repair and maintenance services
  6. Laptop repair and maintenance services
  7. Computer repair and maintenance services
  8. Mobile repair and maintenance services
  9. TV repair and maintenance services
  10. Car repair and maintenance services
  11. Inverter repair and maintenance services
  12. Car Body wash services
  13. Water purifier repair and maintenance services


Cleaning Services

  1. Cleaning
  2. Sofa Cleaning
  3. Pest Control Service
  4. Laundry Services
  5. Aquarium Cleaning & maintenance Services
  6. Water Tank Cleaning & maintenance services


Handyman Services

  • Electrician Services
  • Plumber services
  • Carpenter services
  • Mansory services
  • Civil Contractor services
  • Painting Services


Other Types of Services

  • Pet care services
  • Mehendi/Make-up services
  • Bridal make-up services
  • Passport services
  • CCTV installation services
  • Gardening services



It is hard to believe, that an unorganised sector such as the household services can become organised because of a wise business idea. But the customers (you) are happy, and as long as the demands get fulfilled, the household service industry which sends professionals to the doorstep of customers to satisfy their needs is here to stay.


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